AF320 - Market Share, Growth and Scaling with Jason Somerville

business growth Oct 16, 2023

I'm excited to share the insights from my recent conversation with Jason Somerville, a founding member of GW Partners. We had an enlightening discussion about the strategies of scaling and the changing landscape of Amazon.

In this podcast episode, Kristin Ostrander interviews Jason Somerville, a founding member of GW Partners, about scaling strategies and the changing landscape of Amazon. They discuss how GW Partners helps companies plan for future events and provide comprehensive support. Jason shares his entrepreneurial journey and experiences in different industries. They delve into the importance of trust and security in building a successful online marketplace like Amazon. They also discuss strategies for scaling on Amazon, focusing on conversion and planning for the future. They emphasize the value of understanding niche markets and the advantages of building a brand. They also touch on the significance of advertising, knowing business goals, and strategic planning. Jason invites entrepreneurs to reach out to GW Partners for collaboration or as a resource network.

A Comprehensive Approach to Business Strategy

Jason and his team at GW Partners work with founders to understand their business's potential and create a plan for execution. Unlike other firms that focus on specific aspects, GW Partners provides comprehensive support, offering a wide range of services including acquisitions, selling, partnerships, and assessments. Jason finds fulfillment in participating in someone else's success, especially founders.

From Corporate Investment Banker to Entrepreneur

Jason's entrepreneurial journey is quite fascinating. He transitioned from a corporate investment banker to exploring various industries like mining and aviation. His skills in breaking down companies and understanding opportunities allowed him to venture into different sectors. He shared his experiences in mining and aviation, where he bought shares in a gold mine and leased helicopters to flight schools.

The Rise of E-commerce

Jason credits his partner Chris for introducing him to the world of e-commerce. They started working together over six years ago, with Chris consulting companies on selling on Amazon. Jason became more involved in e-commerce after selling Chris's father-in-law's e-commerce stroller business. He believes that online shopping has been steadily growing for the past 20 years, and the pandemic accelerated its growth even further.

Strategies for Scaling on Amazon

We discussed the strategies for scaling on Amazon, highlighting the importance of trust and security in building a successful online marketplace like Amazon. Amazon gained trust early on by delivering on time and providing a wide variety of products that physical stores couldn't offer. They also emphasized the value of saving time and money for customers by having products delivered to their doorstep.

However, Jason mentions that the environment has become more competitive and expensive. He advises sellers to focus on conversion and optimize their listings to maximize their investment in acquiring customers. He also mentions the importance of planning for the future and having the next product ready to launch when the current one starts to decline. This concept of "stacking opportunities" ensures a continuous flow of successful products.

The Importance of Niche Markets and Brand Building

We also discussed the importance of understanding the value of niche markets and the advantages of building a brand in the e-commerce industry. Being a big fish in a small pond allows you to capture the attention and loyalty of a smaller customer base. By solving specific problems and meeting the needs of these customers, businesses can establish themselves as leaders in their niche and enjoy long-term success.

The Shift in Mindset Among Amazon Sellers

There has been a shift in mindset among Amazon sellers, particularly in light of the pandemic and the rise of aggregator companies. While there was previously a focus on building saleable assets, many sellers are now realizing the value of growing their businesses for cash flow and personal fulfillment. Understanding the likely path of your business and planning accordingly is crucial, whether that involves selling or reinvesting profits into other ventures.

The Significance of Efficient Inventory Management and Ad Spend

Jason highlights the significance of efficient inventory management and ad spend in maximizing cash flow. He encourages sellers to analyze the marginal cost of increasing sales and determine if the additional revenue is truly profitable. I added that many new sellers are hesitant to invest in advertising, but emphasized the importance of spending money to make money and the need for businesses to promote themselves in order to succeed.

Understanding Your Business Goals

We also discussed the importance of advertising and knowing your business goals. Advertising can help solidify a brand and attract customers. However, advertising without considering the return on investment can lead to financial pitfalls. Understanding your goals is crucial in making informed decisions about how to run and build your business.

Reaching Out to GW Partners

Jason shared that entrepreneurs can reach out to him and his team at GW Partners through their website or by emailing him directly. They offer an introductory discussion to understand the entrepreneur's business and goals. If there is potential for collaboration, they proceed with information gathering and analysis to determine how they can provide strategic value.


I concluded the episode by thanking Jason for his insights and encouraged listeners to subscribe, listen, and share the podcast. I reminded them to reach out to Jason and his team at GW Partners for strategic planning, understanding market dynamics, and making informed decisions to build a successful and sustainable e-commerce brand.




 "Because if you don't know then how are you going to steer your business in that direction?" - Kristin Ostrander


The changing landscape of Amazon [00:00:02]

Discussion on how businesses can scale and adapt to the shifting landscape of Amazon.

Strategic planning for business growth [00:00:38]

Explanation of how GW Partners helps companies strategically plan for future events, such as sales or partnerships.

Transitioning from corporate career to entrepreneurship [00:02:09]

Jason's journey from being a corporate investment banker to becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own firm.

The importance of trust and variety on Amazon [00:09:14]

Discusses how trust and variety have contributed to Amazon's early success and how it differentiates from physical stores.

Strategies for scaling on Amazon post-pandemic [00:10:10]

Explores the changing landscape of Amazon, including competition, regulations, and the need for efficient scaling strategies.

The significance of finding niches on Amazon [00:16:23]

Highlights the importance of identifying and targeting niche markets rather than solely focusing on increasing market share in larger categories.

The importance of finding niches in larger categories [00:18:14]

Discussion on the value of targeting smaller niche markets within larger categories for easier market share growth.

The advantage of being the big fish in a small pond [00:18:41]

Exploration of the benefits of being a dominant player in a smaller market niche rather than a smaller player in a larger market.

The value of solving problems and meeting needs for customers [00:19:11]

Importance of creating products and bundles that address customer needs and solve problems, leading to customer loyalty and market ownership.

The importance of advertising and return on ad spend [00:27:19]

Discussion about the significance of advertising and the need to pay attention to the return on ad spend.

Different decision-making based on growth or cash flow goals [00:28:16]

Exploration of the different decisions entrepreneurs make based on their goals of growing the company or maximizing personal profit.

The importance of knowing where you want to go [00:29:20]

Emphasis on the need for entrepreneurs to have a clear vision and goals for their business in order to steer it in the right direction.



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