AF288 - Your Amazon Listing Sucks… But I Can Help!

Your Amazon listing is your only form of real estate on the Amazon platform. Let’s face it….writing a product listing can be downright scary. The good news is it doesn’t have to be if you have the essential components of a great Amazon listing that will help you sell your products faster. Here is your guide to writing better listings.



We have a listing or two at least that is not great. It needs some help and attention. Maybe it sells a little bit but you know that you can improve it. If you adjust three of your images and your price, you could literally triple your sales.

I want to get with the big elephant in the room because this is the number one thing that scares people off from wholesale bundling and from creating their own brands on Amazon. 

Number One - Education

I will teach you how in the wholesale bundle system. It is college-level material. I wil teach you the step-by-step on how to create a listing and how to create an Amazon brand inside of wholesale bundle system. Once you do, you are unlocking the key to unlimited income potential because you have the ability to access products. I will teach you how to get access to products. You have the money to purchase those products. You can sell whatever you like in combinations that are amazing for your customers.

Advantages of Creating Your Brand on Amazon:

  • You can correct it anytime you want. 
  • You are the owner of that asset.
  • You get to just update it.
  • With a brand registry, you have claimed ownership of a brand.
  • You are creating listings on behalf of that brand and they have to honor that. 
  • It is a protection that you have. 
  • You do not have the same listing nightmares that other people have caused by unmatching UPCs or brands.

Anything that you are going to do for the first time, you are not going to be a master of it. So why are you expecting yourself to write a perfect listing if you have never done it before? Your expectations are too high. Expect that you are going to give it your best shot for the first time and that you might make mistakes. That is going to be okay. You can go back and change them.

I have guidelines as to when and how you update things because I think it is really important to keep track of and document these things. You want to know what is working and what is not working. We do not change and update our listing every single day. We do not do that a lot. We do it when it is necessary. So stop holding your own standard of perfection when you are doing something that is new for you. 

I will learn from it and I will try again and I will get a little bit better at it at that point. This is called practice.

You can do something really well the first time because you are just trying it and you got the concept. But being consistent is a whole other thing. It is like, making one free throw, but then trying to make them all consistently all the time on a regular basis.

Number Two - Amazon Listing Policies

Amazon has policies in place that will suspend a listing. If you are doing something wrong that could break all the rules. Other than that, it could just be low visibility. Amazon will not kick you off, but the customers would not find your product, which is a form of punishment in and of itself. I want you to be able to do it correctly and good right the first time. Give yourself grace and realize it takes practice. Practice from the Dollar Store, from something that you do not really care about, that you are not investing a ton of money in so that you can get the whole process and then the next time, you can do it better. And it can be like the legit one.

Do not change too much about your listing all at once. The reason is, if your listing is not performing well right now, you want to change one KPI (Key Performance Indicator). One thing, change the Title, but not the keywords. Change the bullet points but not the description. You want to make sure that you are documenting your change. 

Your business needs far more work than just one changing, one listing, and sitting on our hands. Put it on your calendar so you will not forget a reminder check to all updated listings. If you do them all on the same day, then on the same day is the follow-up. Two weeks later you follow up, put it on a schedule, and put it on a routine. Because eventually you can hire someone else to do that and then it is just happening, and you give them the protocol first. Then after this many days, we change this, several days more and then we change this again. We reconsider whether or not this is a good-selling product and we either junk it or revise it. Make an executive decision about keeping it or losing it.

Amazon customers are coming in and shopping with words. They are shopping with words first. They are not shopping with their eyes. They are shopping with words first and then their eyes. So first, you need to attract your customers with words.

You can build those keyword phrases in and that is what your customers are searching for. Ask yourself, “What would I need to know about this product in order to make a purchase?”   

Do not let fear stop you from creating a listing. It is not written in stone. Images can be updated. Everything can be updated. You do not get suspended for bad listings. You just will not get sales, which is a sign that you need to make a change. Research is key in determining what to sell before you even craft a listing. Research. I love Merchant Words. I love them. This is not a commercial for them. It is just my undying love for them because they are always improving.

They are always looking to change and make things better and to give us the most accurate data that we can possibly have to make the best product decisions so that we can profit. That is their mission. That is why I partnered with them.

There are other great tools such as Helium10, Jungle Scout, and AMZ Scout

Research is the key. Be specific, precise, practical, and direct with your title. If your item really needs to be described in a paragraph way, number one, I would suggest getting a brand registry and making a video. 

Number two, remember that people want to know what size is it, what shape, what is it made of, what kind of packaging it comes in, all the specs, the products, the features, the benefits, the measurements, attributes, and the description.

Apply the principles of listing here, except for do not repeat the phrases couple of times throughout the listing. Once in the title, once in the description of the bullets, the key repeated phrase, pick one.

Always speak to the buyer. Someone is buying for somebody else so make sure that you are getting the need, want, or desire from that. And describing the person that is going to be typing in the search, that is your target customer at this point. Sometimes I still do this manually. I need to use colors and I remember things when I attach color to them.

I want to use my time in the most efficient way because time is a precious resource that you cannot get back. When I remember more, then I do not have to do the work twice. So I do practices that help me remember most of what I do so that I do not have to do it twice. You want to work faster, more efficiently, and more effectively for the most profit so that your life can be your own.


“This is a short episode, but it’s very, very powerful. Take some notes, write this stuff down, and do what I’m telling you. Why? Because it works for me and it’s successful and you might as well learn from someone who is doing it and is finding success with all of these different things.” - Kristin Ostrander





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Keep on bundling…


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