AF325 - What to Sell on Amazon During the Q4 Holidays

competition holidays q4 Nov 20, 2023

One of my most recent episodes featured a deep dive into the world of Amazon selling during the fourth quarter (Q4). I had the pleasure of sharing my experiences, insights, and strategies for making the most of this crucial period.

In this episode of the Amazon Files, Kristin discusses the opportunities and strategies for selling on Amazon during the fourth quarter (Q4), which includes the holiday season. She emphasizes the importance of being proactive and shares her insights on what products sell well during this period. Kristin also promotes her Wholesale Bundle System, a comprehensive guide to running a successful Amazon business, and encourages listeners to take advantage of a special Thanksgiving offer. She concludes by advising sellers to plan ahead and work hard for a successful Q4, expressing gratitude for her listeners' support.

Embracing the Black Friday Madness

Black Friday week, which has now morphed into a month-long event, is a whirlwind of sales and opportunities. As an Amazon seller, it's essential to be proactive and strategize what to sell during Q4. This could range from wholesale items, retail arbitrage, or even bundles.

Despite the challenges and occasional lack of communication from Amazon, I am grateful for the opportunities that selling online provides. It's a privilege to work from home and create our own income. I am also thankful for you, my listeners, for your support and eagerness to learn. My mission is to help and inspire others to build successful businesses, and I am committed to providing tips and strategies for Q4 and beyond.

The Wholesale Bundle System: A Thanksgiving Special

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of Q4, I want to highlight a special Thanksgiving offer for the Wholesale Bundle System. This system includes seven bonuses, including the recently completed 40-day bundle challenge. If you've been hesitant to launch a bundle, this is your chance to seize the opportunity.

The Wholesale Bundle System covers everything from opening an Amazon account to brand registry, custom packaging, G10 exemptions, and UPC codes. It provides guidance on creating bundles that don't infringe on other brands and how to sell products that people actually want to buy. The system even covers topics like wholesale, retail arbitrage, and private label products.

Q4: The Golden Quarter for Amazon Sellers

Q4 refers to the last three months of the year, which are typically the most profitable for Amazon sellers due to major holidays like Christmas. However, there are still opportunities to sell products related to football season, Thanksgiving, and other upcoming holidays like Hanukkah and New Year's.

Big and bulky items, such as power wheels, cars and play kitchens, are popular purchases for Christmas. People trust Amazon for its reliable delivery and return policies, making it a go-to platform for buying big and expensive items. Religious items, housewares, party decorations, disposable items, and toys are also in high demand during the holiday season.

Beyond the Holiday Season: New Year's Opportunities

Moving beyond the holiday season, there are opportunities for selling New Year's-related items, such as photo booth props, noisemakers, and party clothes. The post-Christmas period is also a time when people start thinking about their New Year's resolutions. Products related to weight loss, health food, supplements, and sporting equipment can see a surge in demand.

Timing is Everything

Timing is crucial when it comes to selling on Amazon during Q4. I advise sellers to send their items in as soon as possible to take advantage of the increased demand during the holiday season. For sellers who are concerned about timing and the arrival of holiday-based products, consider merchant fulfillment. This way, the products can be shipped at any time and remain available for purchase.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, planning ahead and working hard are key to having a successful Q4. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my insights and experiences with you. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for growth and learning. Here's to a successful Q4 and beyond!



Thanksgiving is right here right now? So do we miss that? Yeah, probably. But there are things that still apply because the seasons still bring food to the table, baking things, cooking things, kitchen gadgets, hostess gifts. - Kristin Ostrander


"Thanksgiving Week and Black Friday Sales" (00:00:02)

Discussion about the changing nature of Black Friday and the importance of selling during Q4.

"Gratitude for the Opportunity to Sell Online" (00:01:01)

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work with Amazon and create income from anywhere.

"Q4 Selling Strategies and Holiday Sales" (00:06:33)

Preview of upcoming discussions about what to sell, when to buy, and how to maximize sales during Q4 and the holiday season.

The wholesale bundle system (00:10:51)

This topic discusses the benefits of the wholesale bundle system, including the wholesale bundle workbook, curated wholesale suppliers, bundle management training, and additional recordings, templates, and documents.

Q4 and the best way to smash it (00:14:06)

This topic explains what Q4 is and its significance for Amazon sellers. It mentions the major holidays during Q4, the importance of tailgating and fan merchandise, and the potential for selling items related to Thanksgiving, football season, and hostess gifts.

Christmas and holiday selling (00:18:38)

This topic focuses on the Christmas season and the various products that can be sold during this time, such as home decor, stocking stuffers, pet stockings, specialty food, gag gifts, and lawn art.

Big and Bulky Items for Christmas (00:21:33)

Discussion on selling big and expensive items like power wheels cars and play kitchens for Christmas.

Trust in Amazon for Oversized Items (00:22:37)

Exploring why people trust Amazon for buying big and oversized items, such as Audi cars and Cadillac Escalade power wheels.

Religious Items for Christmas and Hanukkah (00:23:31)

Highlighting the sale of religious items associated with Christmas and Hanukkah, and their year-round demand.

Timing of Sending Items (00:31:58)

Discussion on the importance of sending items as soon as possible during Q4 to take advantage of increased holiday shopping.

Consider Merchant Fulfill (00:33:07)

Suggests using merchant fulfill for holiday-based items that may not sell year-round to ensure availability and timely shipping.

Expensive Items for Q4 (00:34:12)

Explains that people spend more money during Q4, with the average gift amount being over $100, and suggests selling expensive items during this time.


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