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🛠Business tools and education can be expensive. We understand the value in tools, courses, and books but we all have a budget. Your budget is going to be very happy with what we say next...

Our good friend, and fellow Amazon seller, Stephen Smotherman from, Full-Time FBA, has created several educational tools that will help our RA friends and they are on sale right now!

If you know us, you know we do not promote other people's products very often. Stephen has been blogging, writing and creating courses and videos for as long as we have and he is a trustworthy source of awesome Amazon FBA resources. We have read and viewed all of his courses and books, in fact, we even co-wrote a book/course about Black Friday a few years ago.

Here are our top recommendations:

Why we recommend this:  When you are in your first year of Amazon selling, sometimes is it hard to plan for what comes next. As online retailers, we always need to be ready for the next season, long before buyers are making purchases. A year in FBA does exactly that. It prepares you for the months ahead and acts as a calendar for what to do next in your business to stay ahead of the game. This is on our shelf and at the beginning of each quarter, we read the next few chapters and make personal notes so we can reference them again in the years to come.

Why we recommend this: Plain and simple, you shouldn’t do business on Amazon without understanding what Sales Rank is and how it affects your sales. This guide is quick, simple and explains what Amazon Best Seller Rank is, why it is important and what you should know about the velocity of sales based on its numbers.

Other courses we recommend for RA online sellers:



  • The Reseller’s Guide to Road Trip Arbitrage: Expand Your Sourcing Radius and Increase Your Amazon FBA Profits [15% off with code BLOG15]
    LINK: http://www.mommyincome.com/roadtrip 
We hope these guides will help you grown your Amazon business like they did ours. If you aren't bundling products the time is NOW. Here is how:

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