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Did you know we started with Retail Arbitrage bundles long before we ventured into wholesale? We started bundling because competition on single items was becoming brutal. We began right where we were at the time - Retail Arbitrage!

Bundling retail arbitrage items is a quick and easy way to incorporate bundles into your business model. You can start right where you are with a low commitment level. We are here to help you get started.

If you’re into retail arbitrage but are not sure where you're going or feel lost - you are not alone. Many Amazon sellers deal with the stresses of what happens if products can’t be found and may have limited success with small profit margins. Retail arbitrage bundles are a great place to start before moving into wholesale bundles. You will be able to test the waters before moving onto something more significant, and anyone can create bundles from where they are. Amazon sellers can quickly increase their average selling price by making bundles, and it can certainly lead to higher profits.

Here are five tips for creating retail arbitrage bundles. I reveal how to get bundle ideas from your highest selling single items and explain how to do your research. I share how you can get inspiration from retail stores and explain why you should create evergreen bundles from replenishable lines. I also share how to create custom SKUs that hold valuable information and reveal two things that you should not do with RA bundles.

“Practice makes you better, if it doesn’t make you perfect. The more you do it, the better you get at it and the more success you will see.” - Amy Feierman

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • How to use the Amazon Seller App to find bundle inspiration and opportunities.
  • How to put items together and what to consider when creating a bundle.
  • How to create bundles around your best selling single items.
  • How to do your research on ‘frequently bought together’ items.
  • How to use shelving end caps and displays in retail stores to find opportunities.
  • Why you shouldn’t create bundles based on theme alone.
  • Guides that will help you make better listings.
  • The advantages of creating evergreen bundles using replenishable products.
  • How to build a custom SKU that incorporates valuable data.
  • Two things not to do with retail arbitrage bundles.



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