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Are you overwhelmed by the growing to-do list of running your e-commerce business? 

If so, this is definitely your solution!

This episode is a game-changer for entrepreneurs seeking efficiency and growth. And today, I'm joined by Brittany Brewer from FreeUp, a leading platform for hiring e-commerce freelancers.

Discover how hiring freelancers can be a complete game changer for your Amazon and e-commerce business, freeing up valuable time and resources. 

We'll uncover how leveraging expert freelancers can significantly boost your Amazon and e-commerce businesses. 

From real success stories to actionable strategies, this episode is packed with insights to help you streamline your business and capitalize on the power of skilled freelancers. 

Don't miss out on these invaluable tips for transforming your e-commerce journey!

The Freelancer's Journey: From Solo to CEO

One of the most significant transitions in the entrepreneurial journey is moving from doing everything yourself to managing a team. This shift is not without its challenges, and Brittany and I delved into the nuances of this transformation. We discussed the mindset shift required when you're no longer the one executing tasks but overseeing those who do.

FreeUp vs. The World: Choosing the Right Platform

In the crowded marketplace of freelance platforms, it's crucial to understand what sets each one apart. We compared FreeUp with popular alternatives like Fiverr and Upwork, dissecting the unique propositions and how FreeUp's approach to connecting e-commerce sellers with top-tier freelance experts stands out.

The Workforce of FreeUp: Diversity in Expertise

The types of work offered on FreeUp are as diverse as the e-commerce industry itself. From graphic design to virtual assistance, the platform caters to a wide range of needs. We discussed how this variety allows business owners to find specialized talent for virtually any task.

Budgeting for Success: The Cost of Quality Freelancing

Hiring freelancers comes with its own set of financial considerations. Brittany and I explored the budgetary aspects of hiring talent from different locations and how FreeUp facilitates this process, ensuring that you can find quality freelancers within your budget.

The Art of the Job Request: Setting Up for Success on FreeUp

Setting up a job request is the first step in finding the right freelancer. We walked through the process on FreeUp, emphasizing the importance of clarity and detail to attract the right candidates for your project.

The Matchmaking Process: Finding Your Freelance Fit

Brittany highlighted the importance of interviews and setting hourly limits to ensure a good fit between the e-commerce seller and the freelancer. We also discussed the critical role of clear expectations and guidelines in establishing a successful working relationship.

Vetting for Excellence: Ensuring Freelancer Quality

As a host, I expressed concerns about the qualifications and reliability of freelancers. Brittany reassured listeners by explaining FreeUp's thorough vetting process, including identity and location verification, as well as skills-related assessments.

The Minimum Bar: Freelancer Requirements on FreeUp

We touched on the prerequisites for freelancers to join FreeUp, with a minimum of three years of experience being a key criterion. Brittany also shared insights into other avenues for freelancers to gain valuable experience.

Diverse Skills, Singular Quality: Vetting a Multifaceted Workforce

With a plethora of skills available on FreeUp, I was curious about how the company ensures quality across such a diverse talent pool. Brittany detailed the general vetting process and the rigorous interviews conducted to assess skills, communication, and English proficiency.

Client Resources: Articulating Needs and Requirements

FreeUp provides resources like account managers and scope of work templates to help clients articulate their project needs. This ensures that job requests are curated to attract the right talent.

Addressing Freelancer Flakiness: Customer Service at FreeUp

Concerns about freelancer reliability are common, and we discussed how FreeUp's customer service system addresses issues like flakiness and communication gaps. Brittany assured that the platform has measures in place to provide replacements and set new guidelines as needed.

Success Stories: Building Businesses with Freelance Support

The episode wrapped up with inspiring success stories of clients who have grown their businesses with the help of FreeUp's freelancers. These anecdotes serve as powerful testaments to the platform's impact.

The Freelance Advantage: Final Thoughts and a Special Offer

Brittany concluded our conversation by highlighting the benefits of hiring freelancers for small businesses and encouraged listeners to take advantage of FreeUp's offerings. She also extended a generous offer of $50 in credits for new users to start their freelance hiring journey.

In summary, our discussion on the Amazon Files podcast provided a wealth of insights into the world of freelancing through FreeUp. Whether you're an e-commerce seller looking to scale your business or a freelancer seeking opportunities, understanding the dynamics of platforms like FreeUp is invaluable. Join me in embracing the freelance revolution and harnessing the power of skilled professionals to take your business to new heights.





“Hiring a freelance expert that knows exactly what they're doing, you don't have to train them, it is invaluable to your home-based business.”

 - Kristin Ostrander


 Introduction to FreeUp (00:00:00)

Kristen introduces Brittany and discusses how FreeUp can help e-commerce sellers free up their time.

Transitioning to Freelancing (00:02:04)

Brittany shares her experience transitioning from being a freelancer to managing freelancers and working with FreeUp.

Challenges of Transition (00:04:28)

Brittany discusses the challenge of articulating needs when working with freelancers and seeing things from a client's perspective.

Differentiation from Competitors (00:05:59)

Brittany explains how FreeUp prioritizes quality over quantity, vetted freelancers, and personalized matching services.

Types of Work Offered (00:09:07)

Brittany elaborates on the variety of work offered, including e-commerce, and the flexibility of hiring freelancers based on specific needs.

Budget Considerations (00:10:52)

Brittany discusses transparent pricing, the range of rates, and the value of hiring freelancers from different locations.

Addressing Concerns about International Hiring (00:12:56)

Brittany addresses concerns about fair payment and communication when hiring freelancers from international locations.

Setting Up a Job Request (00:15:30)

Brittany explains the process of setting up a job request, including budget preferences and matching freelancers.

Vetting Process and Freelancer Management (00:16:08)

Brittany explains the process of matching and hiring freelancers, setting hourly limits, and establishing communication guidelines.

Qualifications and Vetting Process (00:17:48)

Brittany discusses the vetting process, including identity verification, location verification, and skills-based interviews.

Minimum Requirements for Freelancers (00:20:11)

Brittany explains the minimum three-year experience requirement for freelancers to join the FreeUp platform.

Vetting Process for Various Skills (00:21:17)

Brittany details the general vetting process for freelancers and the specific skills-based interviews conducted by the FreeUp team.

Setting Expectations and Job Requests (00:22:55)

Brittany highlights the availability of resources and support, including account managers and job request curation, to help clients articulate their needs.

Handling Freelancer Issues (00:24:30)

Brittany explains the process for addressing freelancer issues, including setting new guidelines and providing replacements if necessary.

Success Stories and Benefits of Hiring Freelancers (00:26:23)

Brittany shares a success story of a client who started with a $5/hour freelancer and grew their business, emphasizing the benefits of hiring freelancers.

Encouragement to Hire Freelancers (00:28:27)

Kristen encourages listeners to consider hiring freelancers and outlines the various tasks that can be outsourced to free up time for business growth.

Offer of Credits and Final Thoughts (00:31:02)

Brittany offers $50 in credits for listeners and emphasizes the value of signing up for FreeUp to get help and grow their businesses.


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