AF315 - Top 5 Strategies Entrepreneurs can Learn from Football

In this podcast episode, Kristin Ostrander discusses the importance of coaching and mentorship in both entrepreneurship and football. She emphasizes that just like in football, entrepreneurs cannot succeed without the guidance and support of a coach. Coaching is not about someone telling you what to do, but about having a passionate and dedicated individual who can unlock your hidden potential and maximize your team's performance. Kristin draws parallels to football and highlights the multiple coaches involved in the sport. She shares the admiration for Patrick Mahomes, a football player known for his humility and constant focus on improvement, and emphasizes the importance of humility in being open to being taught.

A Personal Journey from the Sidelines to the Business Frontlines

As the host of The Amazon Files and owner of Mommy Income, I've always found inspiration in unexpected places. Today, I want to share with you a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, inspired by my love for football. This isn't your typical business-focused content, but rather a motivational and inspiring discussion that draws parallels between the gridiron and the world of business.


A Lifelong Chiefs Fan

I've been a Kansas City Chiefs fan since I was ten years old, a surprising choice given my Michigan roots. My love for the Chiefs was born out of a simple preference for their colors and logo over the Detroit Lions' silver and blue. As a long-time Chiefs fan, I've experienced the highs of recent Super Bowl victories and the lows of tough losses. Just like in business, not every game can be won, but each loss provides valuable lessons for improvement.

The Bundle Challenge: A Lesson in Accountability

In the world of Amazon wholesale bundles, I've created the Bundle Challenge, a hands-on opportunity for students to launch their bundles on Amazon within 40 days. This challenge isn't about learning new material, but rather providing accountability and support to those struggling to get started. Accountability is crucial in moving forward in business, reminding us that perfection isn't realistic and that mistakes and losses are part of the journey.


Embracing Imperfection and Learning from Failure

In both football and business, it's important to let go of the expectation of perfection. Our best efforts may not always lead to success, but that doesn't mean we aren't enough. Sometimes, we have to learn and grow from our failures and disappointments. I've always allowed my children to fail because I believe they can learn valuable lessons from those experiences.

The Importance of Defense in Business

Just as in football, defense is necessary in business to protect what we've achieved and prevent competitors from interfering with our progress. This includes having trademarks, documentation, and organization in place to defend our business and products.


Practice and Training: The Key to Success

Professional football players practice daily and engage in specific training to excel in their positions. Similarly, entrepreneurs should continuously practice and train to protect their businesses and ensure their success. Discipline may not always be seen as fun or sexy, but it is necessary for success. Just like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, known for their dedication and hard work, consistent effort can lead to significant progress and growth.


Dealing with Opposition and Haters

No matter what kind of success you achieve, there will always be people who are jealous and try to bring you down. These haters may make excuses or spread negativity, but their actions stem from their own internal negativity and insecurities. It's important to stay true to ourselves and our goals, regardless of whether others approve or support us.


The Value of Coaching and Mentorship

Just like in football, entrepreneurs cannot succeed without the guidance and support of a coach. A coach believes in you, encourages you, and helps you develop your skills. I admire Patrick Mahomes, a football player known for his humility and constant focus on improvement. He attributes his success to having the best coach, a relationship built on trust and accountability.

In conclusion, the world of football offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. From embracing imperfection and learning from failure to the importance of defense and the value of coaching, these lessons can guide us on our journey to success. So, let's take these lessons from the gridiron and apply them to our businesses, and remember, just like in football, in business, it's all about the journey, not just the destination.







"I have the best coach there is. He shapes me into the player that I am." - Kristin Ostrander




 The Importance of Perseverance [00:00:00]

The speaker discusses her love for football and relates it to her entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the need to persevere through challenges.


Choosing Your Own Path [00:00:58]

The speaker explains why she became a Kansas City Chiefs fan instead of supporting the local team, the Detroit Lions, based on her personal preferences.


Learning from Losses [00:07:06]

The speaker discusses the reality that not every game or business venture will be a success, emphasizing the importance of learning from losses and mistakes.


Expecting Perfection [00:09:04]

Perfection is not realistic and can lead to disappointment. Even the best athletes have losses and failures.


Be Humble Enough to Punt [00:12:11]

Knowing when to punt and recalibrate in business is important. Sometimes it's necessary to take a step back and regroup.


Defense is Necessary [00:14:59]

Being defensive in business is essential for protecting your products, trademarks, and intellectual property from competitors. Defense is a crucial part of the game.


Consistency and Training [00:19:08]

The importance of consistent practice and training in business, and the need for continuous growth and learning.


Discipline and Showing Up [00:20:22]

The value of discipline and the willingness to put in the effort and time to achieve success.


Small Steps and Strategic Plays [00:25:23]

Emphasizing the significance of taking small, consistent steps in business, and the importance of strategic planning and execution.


Dealing with Haters and Opposition [00:29:57]

The speaker discusses the inevitability of facing opposition and haters when experiencing success, and how to handle their negativity.


Being Replaceable and Striving for Excellence [00:32:45]

The speaker emphasizes that everyone is replaceable, but encourages listeners to strive for excellence regardless of who is watching, using examples from football players and entrepreneurs.


Taking a Time Out [00:35:59]

The speaker encourages listeners to take a time out to stop and think, reevaluate decisions, and find a balance between rushing into ideas and getting stuck in analysis paralysis.


The importance of coaching in entrepreneurship [00:40:04]

Coaching is essential for entrepreneurs to unlock hidden potential and maximize performance. Football serves as an example of the multiple coaches and mentorships needed for success.


Patrick Mahomes' relationship with his coach [00:41:35]

Patrick Mahomes attributes his success to his coach, highlighting the trust, support, and ability to take risks that their relationship provides.


The role of humility and trust in coaching [00:42:37]

Humility and trust are crucial in the coach-player relationship, as it fosters a connection, accountability, and the willingness to be taught.



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