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Product research is the most important task in e-commerce. You need to know what customers want, where to find those products, and how to sell in a way that keeps customers coming back. It often takes a week or more to develop a product bundle that will appeal to customers and has little or no competition. Let me save you a week of work with something new.





Recently, I have dug into some research. I have been asking for some feedback. I asked people to book some calls on my schedule so that I could ask for feedback on the course, wholesale bundles, their business, about everything.

And the results are in. I want to share them with you because I have got something that can help. As a seller, you are spending a lot of time doing research. In my research, I have been doing it for many months now, asking students about their successes and struggles when it comes to bundling. The results blew me away.

37% of wholesale bundlers have not launched a bundle yet. 

I sat with students on Zoom, on the phone, on surveys, through email, and through DMs chatting about all of their struggles and successes. If you have not yet launched a bundle, or maybe you launched a bundle and it did not go very well, or you struggled, or you have one in progress, I wonder if you can relate to any of these.

This is a result of research gathered from what people look for and put into categories. As a bundler, they do not know which vendors to start with. This is an overwhelming process. Some say they lack creativity. Some cannot figure out which bundle to start first. Some undergo analysis paralysis. They tend to overanalyze and become paralyzed. And then the fear of launching.

Wholesale bundle system is a million-dollar strategy. It has earned me and many of my students a combined 20 million in revenue.

Let us talk about the 63% of wholesale bundle students that we surveyed who already had at least one bundle launched. 

“It was a rough start, but now I’m selling out.” 

“I’m already on my second, third, and fourth bundle is already on the way.”

“My bundles sell great. But I wish there was more automation in the process.”


  • With growth and successful bundlers, they have struggles, too such as:

-a new set of issues with more products and bundles to manage.

-it creates more business for you which means you need to create more hours in your schedule to handle your inventory like issues with incoming and outgoing shipments, ordering products, keep staying on top, and keeping your bundles in stock.

-constant creation of bundle ideas. Every bundle that we created has a timeline or a shelf life so it needs to yearly create a new one.


  • With growth, also comes limitations.

-hinders us from completing the bundle research process

-that is why we tell you to start small.

-do not spend $10,000 on your first bundle

-unlike private labels, wholesale bundles will not let you spend thousands of dollars on one product.


I have created some done-for-you bundles that I am ready to release. They are complete done-for-you bundles.

After sitting with so many students, I realized that done-for-you bundles will help so many people who are struggling for one of the reasons we have already mentioned. I am personally creating product bundles for you to purchase and list in your store. These bundles are developed and certified using the wholesale bundle framework. And you will receive a fully researched bundle listing ready for you to copy and paste right into Amazon. You simply purchase the done-for-you bundle package from us. Contact the vendors, order the products, order your custom packaging, copy and paste the listing essentials that we have given you, and send your products to Amazon. A completely vetted, fully researched bundle. 


What do we provide with that bundle?

  • A customer avatar who, what, when, where, why, and how of a bundle. If you have been to my courses, you know exactly what I am talking about.
  • Title, description, key product features, bullet points, search terms, and basic images.
  • Vendor contact information, item numbers for the product purchase, cost of goods, suggested price, suggested order, quantity, and recommended packaging. 


We have one student in the HUB who I helped co-create a bundle with her. She made over $21,000 in profit on a bundle we created in her first year on that bundle.

How long does it take you to create a bundle? 

Those that are bundlers and have already sent a bundle, said about a week, five days was a close second. This will save you a week’s worth of work.

Bundles are application only. We have to know that you are qualified to create a listing with all the things that you are going to need to, to do a wholesale bundle. Go to

If you do not get emails from us at Mommy Income, go to

Bundles can work if you know exactly what to do. The wholesale bundle system teaches you that. You have to understand that done-for-you bundles are product development packages that we are creating. We are spending a lot of time and energy, and research creating a one-of-a-kind bundle. That means that you and only you will get this bundle. We are not selling the ideas to multiple people. So because they are one-of-a-kind, we have to do an application only. 

Make sure everyone understands the terms and conditions. This is an elite advanced product development package, so it is not for everyone and that is okay. I love to create bundles. I cannot wait to see the successes of all these bundles out there on Amazon with all of your guys’ brands and what you have out there.



“I am not called the bundle queen for no reason. I’ve been in e-commerce for 20 years and I’ve been doing bundling for eight years now. Like I’ve been doing bundles before. Bundles was a word.” - Kristin Ostrander




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