AF308 - Lower your Product Failure Risk with Justin Chen of Pickfu

Have you ever wished you could ask 500 people if they would buy your product? In this episode of the Amazon Files podcast, Kristin Ostrander and Justin Chen discuss how PickFu can help Amazon sellers make data-driven decisions by gathering real consumer feedback on their products or services. The most valuable lesson from this podcast is the importance of understanding your target audience and using human feedback to make data-driven decisions that can improve your Amazon listing and increase sales. Kristin and Justin stress the importance of handling negative feedback and how it can benefit Amazon sellers. They advise sellers to flag abusive comments and take down posts that are name-calling or disrespectful, and to view negative feedback as a learning opportunity. 

PickFu is like a digital focus group that can be used to validate products, designs, or variations. It allows sellers to ask questions and get natural, unsolicited feedback from a diverse panel of over 10 million people in the US, which can be sliced and diced by basic demographics and behavioral attributes. Kristin and Justin discuss the importance of human feedback in customer research, and how it's crucial to speak the same language as your customers to make your products stand out. They also discuss how PickFu can be used for services, such as idea validation for new businesses or getting feedback on marketing creatives or text. The cost of PickFu is pay-as-you-go, starting at $1 per response, making it an affordable option for Amazon sellers. 

Overall, this episode is a game changer for any business owner, regardless of their industry or target audience. Kristin and Justin provide valuable insights on how to use PickFu to improve your Amazon listing and increase sales. They emphasize the importance of knowing your customer, handling negative feedback, and using human feedback to make data-driven decisions. So, if you want to take your Amazon business to the next level, tune in to this episode of the Amazon Files podcast!







"I don't care if you have the best product in the whole world? Don't care if you make it and it's free. If you don't know your customer and how they speak and how they type it in into Amazon, that's always like the big mystery right?" - Kristin Ostrander




Introduction to PickFu [00:00:02]

Kristin introduces Justin Chen, co-founder of PickFu, and explains how the platform can help Amazon sellers make data-driven decisions by gathering real consumer feedback on their products or services.


How PickFu works [00:02:44]

Justin explains how PickFu works as a digital focus group that gathers real consumer feedback on anything that you're working on, and how it taps into a panel of over 10 million respondents in the US.


Importance of knowing your customer [00:07:40]

Kristin emphasizes the importance of knowing your customer and how PickFu can help with not just products, but also services and messaging in Amazon listings. She shares her experience of using her 12-year-old daughter's feedback to find the right keywords for her niche product.


Comparing against competitors [00:12:46]

PickFu can be used to compare your product or image against your top competitors in the space to see how it stands out.


Importance of human perspective [00:09:59]

Kristin and Justin discuss the importance of human perspective in customer research and how it can improve Amazon listings.


Using PickFu for services [00:15:59]

PickFu can be used for idea validation for new businesses, marketing creatives, and text, as well as for services like dog walking.


Handling Negative Feedback [00:17:05]

The speakers discuss the importance of negative feedback and how to handle it when using PickFu to gather consumer feedback.


Using PickFu for Business [00:22:45]

The speakers provide information on how to sign up for PickFu and how it can be used for business purposes, including image testing and pricing.


Recommended Number of Responses [00:23:34]

The speakers recommend 15-50 responses for iterating on a product and 100 responses for testing against competition when using PickFu.


Importance of Customer Research [00:25:10]

Kristin encourages Amazon sellers to conduct customer research and explains how PickFu can help them gather real consumer feedback to improve their listings and increase sales.


Limit of Responses on PickFu [00:26:32]

Justin explains that there is no limit to the number of responses a user can receive on PickFu, but most responses are limited to a paragraph or two.


AI Summarization on PickFu [00:26:49]

Justin explains how PickFu incorporates AI summarization to help users analyze and summarize the responses they receive from real people.



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