AF293 - Grow Your Business Without Money

You’ve heard it takes money to make money. I agree with that 100% if you are a startup. Once you are an established business owner there are many ways to grow your business without investing more money. Money helps but I am going to challenge you to use something else that will help you grow. 





How are you going to grow your business with no money? Can you grow a business with no money? I understand that it takes money to make money. I am talking to people who are already established in business. I am not talking about brand newbies or people that are just starting up and are just starting their businesses. We are talking about growing. We are talking about what you have already established, and now you need to take the next step and go in the next direction. 

If you do not have a business yet and you are trying to make money, you do not need a business. You need a job, to save money, build your credit, create a plan, open a business, and have enough money to invest in that. It does not have to be millions, but I am just serious about that.

You can start with as little as $500, although that is really, really slim and it is going to be hard to work with, especially if you do not have any training. To get a really good start, I recommend $2000 to $2,500 for the million-dollar wholesale bundle method that I teach. You can learn more about that at, $2,000 is perfectly fine to get your feet wet and actually start making decent money in Amazon from A to Z. Go to mommy if you have not started. Whether you started three months ago or three years ago, or three decades ago, we all need to hear this reminder because a lot of people keep saying they do not have money to grow and change.

There is always somebody who is going to tell you to buy, invest, and upgrade. I already just told you about a system that you can use, my million-dollar strategy. Absolutely, of course, that is for education purposes. Honestly, you can grow your business without spending another dollar. Knowledge is currency, period. Learn more, earn more. Learned knowledge is something that no one can take away from you. 

You can use it to better yourself, to better your business. Can you go to a library and read a book? Can you go to YouTube and watch a video? Can you go to Audible and listen to a book? Can you go to Spotify or Apple and listen to a podcast? That is what you are doing right now.  

Distractions are everywhere. I am actually going to do an entire episode about the Goldman and Sachs program that I went through and encourage some of you guys to apply in a city near you. It is so amazing. I am more wealthy from going to that program. It was by application only and by qualification only. But it was absolutely zero money. What are you doing with what you are learning? Stockpiling it in your brain is all good and great and everything, but what are you doing with it? What kind of value are we getting? I want you to close your eyes for a moment. Just take a deep breath and then I want you to think about what makes you happiest. Do not judge yourself. Do not filter your first thoughts. Nothing. What makes you feel truly happy? Reminder: If you are driving or walking your dog, do not close your eyes.

When is the last time you felt in your heart and soul that you just love your life, you just love this moment, and I just love you? What makes you feel like that? Or something that just gets you so fired up, and something that you cannot wait to do? The next question is really the hug in a slug that I always give you. You guys unapologetically, I love you. I care for you, so I am going to challenge you. How many of you said social media? Did you say social media is something you cannot wait to do? I am making a big assumption here. Pick up your iPhone. If you have Android, there is another way to do this as well. Go to settings and go to screen time.  

Tap the all activity button and tap the day button. It is a summary of your daily app use. If you see more than 15 minutes of any social media app - TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, I am going to leave YouTube out, LinkedIn. I will put LinkedIn in there as well. Amazon app, shopping app. If you see more than 15 minutes on any of those apps, I am telling you, you can grow your business without money right here, right now. Use just half of your social media time to work on your business. Half. I would challenge you that 15 minutes a day is enough to move your needle and do it every day. Be deliberate about it. Now that we have addressed that, we have a few extra minutes where we can grow our business without money. How? By spending our time more wisely, spending that time. 

I am not asking you and telling you that you do not need entertainment or leisure time or self-care or any of that. I am saying we all have more time than we say. So let us invest it in the place where we say it has value. We need to focus on how to utilize that time. 

 That is number one. Asking yourself the questions.  

We need money, but that is not the only thing that will fix and grow our business. How are you tracking everything? How are you tracking your progress? How do you know your profit margin right now? If not, you can spend that time asking those questions for yourself. What do I need in my business right now? What do I believe will help me grow? How will that help me grow? How will I track that? If I have 15 extra minutes in my day, what am I going to do with it that is going to move my needle?

And number two is to utilize the tools and resources you already invested in. 

You have software, a course, and a group. You joined an e-book, you downloaded a course, and you bought something that you are not fully utilizing and fully understanding. For my Amazon friends, do you have Helium 10 and Merchant Words? Do you know how to use all the tools in one or the other? You are literally a pro. You could work with them, you could work for them. If so, use your 15 minutes to learn something new about a tool you have already paid monthly for.

If I came to you right now and said, I am going to give you $10,000 to invest in your business. You name five things you are spending that money on, or maybe it is all on one thing, but do you know exactly what it is, exactly how much it costs, and why it will grow your business? If not, that is your first challenge. 

And then number two, take a stock of what you have already purchased, what you already have, and decide, is this relevant right now for me? Can I learn something from this to grow my business right now? If not, take it off the priority list.  

Do you want to get a step-by-step from me to look into your business to see where and how you need to grow right now to move that needle? I have got your back. This is what I do. This is what I love to do, mommy You can choose a coaching session and let me know about your business and I can help you clean it up and grow it just a little bit. 



I believe that it does take money to make money and sometimes you need to invest in your business. I am an absolute advocate of that. But there are times where you can invest something other than money and we are going to pick it through right now. - Kristin Ostrander




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