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In a business where everyone is trying to get to the top of page one with search results what eventually wins the customer? I bet on creativity and win every time.

I am excited to talk to you about something that is super important to me - CREATIVITY. Why creativity is winning specifically and how I feel like tapping into our creativity is the way that we can differentiate ourselves from other Amazon sellers, other Amazon products even. I am fascinated with AI and also terrified of it. Artificial intelligence is so scary to me because there are so many capabilities in so many different ways they can. 

So it is absolutely crazy to think of all the different crazy things that they can do with AI now. They are artificial, they are not human, they do not create, they react, they respond, and they can be programmed by a human, which then can try to program from a specific viewpoint or different ways that the brain works. But let us be real, they do not think as we think, they do not create, they react and respond based on their programming. This is our human advantage when it comes to selling products. We all have equal opportunities to use software and bots to bring profitable products to Amazon. 

You guys can get tactical arbitrage, you can get Helium10, you can get Jungle Scout, you can get Merchant Words to look up all of the keywords in the searches and say, “what are customers looking for?” 

What are the most popular products? What are the biggest data points that are going to bring me the most money for my business? AI cannot find solutions to problems and anticipate the wants and needs of human customers. They can only do what they are programmed to do.

You have got to be able to bring something to the table that the customers are looking for, meet their needs, and solve their problems. So what does create bring into being, to form out of nothing, which I could argue with forming out of nothing for ourselves or causing to exist to make or to cause to become, to bring into existence?

People do not want the same old unique gifts for your boss search 2,500 times a month. As humans, we can create, sort, and deduct from our own reasoning. These specific things people are looking for are unique and different and creative and quirky. Look up those words on Merchant Words or whatever keyword software you are using. I hope it is Merchant Words. is the absolute best in my opinion. I love it. It is easy.

Certainly, the software can help us at least narrow down some ideas. But the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a product or a bundle is essential. Who is it for? What are they going to use it for? What need does it meet or what problem does it solve for them? 

I am always thinking about the gift market. Why? Because there are gifts for every single thing. There is a way to gifts to people. I love thinking about gifts and that is one of the main focuses on my Amazon bundles are gifts for all kinds of reasons, for all kinds of people, for all kinds of demographic, older, younger kids, adults, bosses, everything. 

All the research, the average gift for mostly anything, even birthdays, and right now is around the $50 range, $30 to $60. And it depends on how close you are to someone. Usually, if you are closer, that number goes up for a spouse, a sister, a mother, and a dad. People are willing to spend more on people that they are closer to.

Those extravagant things are not usually there. Usually, extravagance is saved. For things like Christmas or anniversaries or things like Valentine's Day. People do not generally splurge on a gift like buying a diamond ring just for no reason. Usually, it is something epic, something big, some sort of event.

These are the fastest growing categories on Amazon - grocery in particular. You got to have research skills to be in this business. You cannot just rely on software to constantly feed you because if something happens to that software, where is your next product going to come from? You do not know how to dig for it yourself. That is what sets people apart from bots and from the winners and the people that are semi-succeeding and the people that are crushing it, the people that are crushing it are being creative. They are tapping into their creative resources, wondering where they can go beyond the box, beyond the algorithms, beyond the software. Because all those things are tools and they are helpful, but without a human to use the tools, the tools are useless to think through, to use your reasoning, to use your creativity.  

When we are starting to think about different things, we think of gifts. We just came out of a holiday season. We are going into another season - Valentine’s Day is a huge gift market. So who is buying gifts for who and what, what are they using them for? What kind of gifts are you thinking about? The couples, older couples, younger couples, boyfriend, and girlfriend. All the different things that you could be bringing to the table, it is creativity. Bots are not going to help you sort that out.

Imagine 153 US Amazon Prime customers/subscribers, not to mention all the people that are not primed, but still use Amazon for everything. Not to mention all the people on Google looking for products that then your Amazon listing comes up.

Some of us, let us just be real. Some of us have this. What is it? Left-side brain people that is logical and analytical. We are not very creative. We are very concrete. We are very black and white. I say we, I am not really one of those. I am more of a right-side brain person who is creative and emotional. I am serious. I read a lot. I study a lot. I learn when I do not know. I ask when I do not know something. I will Google it, I will look it up. I will read.

Enhancing/Boosting Your Creativity:

Number One - is to be a kid, again, tap into your inner child. 

Now children are naturally more creative because they are uninhibited by all the judgments or worldly expectations or overthinking or fear, and worry. Most children are just naturally in their creative minds. You give a kid a product that they have never seen before, a thing, and ask them, what do you think it might be used for? 

The next one to tap into your creativity and to kind of expand it is to laugh.  

Believe it or not, these little things can help you boost your creativity. A good mood enhances the side of your brain that needs creativity. That has creativity. When we are in a good mood, that part of our brain that is responsible for creativity is more sensitive to odd thoughts and strange hunches and good ideas and just ideas. But the opposite is also true. A good mood can increase your creativity, but a bad mood amplifies analytical thought. Our brain limits our options and we go back to the tried and true, the logical, the obvious, and the sure thing we know will work A good mood helps us feel safe and secure and we are willing to take more risks. This matters because creativity is always a little bit, it is not tried and true, and it is not factual. It is an idea and a creation that we are bringing to the table. See, new ideas can also generate problems and they can also be flat-out wrong, and tricky to figure out. 

I have a podcast suggestion for you if you want to laugh a little bit more. It is called Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet.

Listen to something funny. Watch a funny movie. Watch some funny videos on YouTube and then get to tapping into that. Get yourself belly laughing and then tap into your creativity that activates, literally activates creativity. Think about that. Turns it on. Shines a light on. It activates creativity. 

Give yourself intentional, alone time with minimal stimulus, preferably in a natural or nature setting.

This has been studied. Nature brings us more creativity if we enjoy nature in a solitude kind of way. And it does not mean you have to go out and create for four days like they did the study. How about for 20 minutes sitting in the backyard, closing your eyes, listening to the sounds, and feeling the temperature? 

There are corners of our brain that we have not accessed in a long time because we are overloaded, overstimulated, and overthinking everything. I promise that slowing down even for one hour every couple of days is not going to kill you. It is actually going to help you to be more creative. 

Take an hour off, walk outside, sit outside, go somewhere where it is beautiful, that you enjoy the space and the nature of all the things. And then watch the creativity, but be alone. 

The final way to really deep dig down into your creativity is to dance, run, walk, play, aka exercise. 

Exercise brings more oxygen to the brain, that brain that you need to create. Any activity that increases the blood flow to your brain and increases your heart rate or that will slightly increase your heart rate. Naturally puts you in a good mood, activates the endorphins and serotonin, and all the stuff that you need in your brain puts you in a good mood.

Let us not stress. Stress puts pressure on the brain and then the pressure on the brain reverts back to only what we know is logical and solid. We cannot think what they say outside of the box or we cannot think creatively when there are too many stress points. 

​​How many of you is sleep deprived? Most of us cannot imagine spending seven solid hours sleeping. Some of us cannot physically even do that. But sleep is really important. It gives our brain the rest it needs to be fully active when we wake up. So taking care of yourself in a way that feels good and right, but also enhances all these things is super helpful. So if you do not feel like you are creative enough, these are ways to get more creative, and getting more creative brings more profit to your business because your creative brain can do something that AI and bots and software cannot do, and it is to CREATE.

I hope that you are learning and creating and doing all the things that you can to become a better version of yourself and have a better version of your business. 



“This is how I’ve found success on Amazon. It is by being creative, creating product bundles that meet a need and solve a problem for the customer out there and the customers that we have access to.” - Kristin Ostrander



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