AMAZON SELLER HELP: What YOU Need to Know in 2020 [GTIN] [EAN] [IPI] [UPC]

amazon listings Jul 27, 2020

Everything changes - for good or bad. While changes can make room for opportunities and growth, the adjustments that come with them could be challenging. They’re not always the same, and they can cause stress, time, and money. If change causes you overwhelm - I hear you. I’m pretty change-averse myself. But change is frequent in online business - especially on an Ecommerce platform like Amazon. The best thing we can do is to know and prepare for what’s coming.

In this episode, I discuss an overview of Amazon's major changes and how they’re going to affect every seller. I share some facts and statistics that show how Amazon has grown and dominated the Ecommerce space and the antitrust lawsuits filed against them. I also reveal the new policies Amazon has put in place for inventory thresholds and listing restrictions and share some advice on what you can do to comply with these new rules. 

“Amazon has moved a couple of steps closer to being a third-party supporter. They realize how important it is to take care of us who sell on their platforms.” - Kristin Ostrander 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Amazon’s investments in more fulfillment centers and how it can save you time and money
  • The impact of opening up several new fulfillment centers on processes and shipping
  • Antitrust class action against Amazon and what that means for third-party vendors
  • Why there’s still plenty of room to sell on Amazon despite having two million registered users
  • What an Inventory Performance Index is
  • New policies on Amazon’s IPI minimum threshold and what you can do for your IPI score
  • When to send removed inventory back to Amazon
  • New listing restrictions specific to Amazon wholesale bundlers and private-labeled products
  • What it means to use attributes when listing products and why you should do it
  • Conflicting policies about UPC and GTINs and how to get a GTIN exemption
  • Amazon’s IP Accelerator Program
  • The importance of being a legitimate business on Amazon
  • Why I believe Amazon will enforce brand registry for third-party vendors
  • How and where to get custom packaging for your Amazon store
  • The difference of an EAN from a UPC and how to get it


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