Change the Way You Think About the Products You Sell [Roadmap to Your 1st Bundle Series - 2]

Shift gears: Change the way you think about selling on Amazon

Whether you have been selling on Amazon for five minutes or five years one thing you can always count on: CHANGE. Policies, platforms, and processes are always evolving. Even though change is hard it is good for business. Change is good because it forces you to grow.  What you’ve learned so far won’t get you to the next milestone. You will have to make changes, learn new skills and continue to move forward in order to grow.

When you want to see growth in your Amazon business there is one thing you have to do: CHANGE the way you think about products.  Whether you started with thrifting, Retail arbitrage or wholesale product sourcing, Amazon business growth requires a shift in your thinking. The shift you must make is from a data-driven, spreadsheet scraping mentality to a customer based mindset.

Chances are you learned to find products to sell on Amazon by looking at bestseller rankings, ROI percentages and the number of sellers you may need to compete with in order to make a profit. This is great in the beginning but it isn’t sustainable long term because everyone has equal access to tools, software, and resources to find the exact same products you are finding. When this happens product markets become saturated and fierce competition follows.

In today’s Amazon world, it is no longer as simple as scanning a UPC code and making a decision based on that data. With more accessibility to sales data, the playing field has been leveled when it comes to single unit items. This is why competition is rapidly increasing and a change is required in order to stay in the game.

So is there any hope?

If you want to earn long term sustainable income on Amazon you have to learn a new way to find profitable products. When competition increased in every category sellers needed a different way to provide products customers wanted while still making a profit. Like yourselves, we were tired of the relentless price drops from hundreds of competitors on Amazon so we created our own way of making a profit on Amazon. It’s called the Wholesale Bundles’ System.To make the mindset shift you have to get into the customers’ heads to create product bundles that best suited their needs. Here’s how:

All products whether sold together in bundles or separately, solve a problem. By evaluating what the customer needs and providing a product bundle that solves their problem you are creating sustainability for your business. The customer is satisfied because you are creating something they already want and speeding up the process by which they can purchase. As a business owner, you are satisfied because you created a unique bundle and your competition can no longer directly compete with you. Amazon bundles create a win-win for the customer AND for your bottom line.

A new way to sell on Amazon

Shifting to bundles doesn’t have to be hard. The key to making change is to take it slow. Take small steps. It starts with the way you think.

You’ll shift from scanning codes and receiving the same data thousands of your competitors receive to thinking about what the customer needs and creating specialized bundles around those. The first step to any bundle is to constantly keep the customer in your mind. Their problems, needs, and convenience are most important when thinking about potential bundles to put together for them. Once you figure out your customers the sky's the limit as to how you can meet their needs with product bundles. 

In the next post, we are going to discuss buying wholesale products for Amazon and why that can both help you and hurt you. 

Whether you’re a new seller or an experienced seller looking to add some diversity to your business, we are passionate about helping other sellers grow and are ready to share our complete wholesale bundle strategies with you. Access the exclusive Wholesale Bundle System HERE.

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