What is a Wholesale Bundle? [Roadmap to Your 1st Bundle Series - 1]

What are Amazon bundles and why they work

In today’s fast-paced eCommerce world it is no secret that Amazon has the largest platform in the world. The best part is that they allow everyday people like you and me to become third party Amazon sellers and cash in on their global trade marketplace. Cool huh? The problem is sorting through all the options and finding the business model that is the best fit for you. While KDP, Merch by Amazon and Retail Arbitrage are some of the methods people use to make money on Amazon, we think the Wholesale Bundle System is the best long term sustainable option.

Before we dive into why we think Wholesale Bundles are the best Amazon business model, let us share what Wholesale Bundles are and why they are an amazing asset to ANY Amazon business. 

What are wholesale bundles?

They are highly complementary products sourced from wholesale vendors and sold together in a way that provides both convenience and value to the buyer. Think of a gift basket or an entire collection of products that are a natural fit both in function and use. A perfect wholesale bundle would be a product combination that customers often purchase together naturally like shampoo and conditioner or gift bags and tissue paper. 

Why do wholesale bundles perform well on Amazon?

To understand why bundles work Amazon sellers need to make a mindset shift away from data-based widget inventory purchases to focus on the customer who will purchase the product. In this method of product sourcing, you shift away from scanning products or data spreadsheets and instead put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. For Amazon bundles you need to ask yourself the following questions when sourcing product to sell:

  • Who is looking for this type of product?
  • What will it be used for?
  • Why does the buyer need the product?
  • What problem will it solve for them?
  • How will the buyer use the product?
  • What value does your bundle bring to the customer that other products are lacking?

By asking these questions, you are getting into the head of the buyer. This helps you provide the exact product your customer needs to solve their problem. Once you do that, a whole world of product possibilities will open up to you. 

#1 Reason Amazon bundles work

Speed, convenience, and a vast variety of product options are why Amazon has become the largest, most successful online marketplace in the world. Due to the incredible speed of Amazon Prime and the addition of one-day delivery options Amazon customers love how fast they can get their products. Shoppers are busy and don’t want to spend their precious time going to the store. Bundles make the purchasing process even faster and more convenient for the buyer by providing all the products a customer needs into one a one-click transaction. The bundle you provide eliminates the need to spend extra time hunting down all the items they wanted separately. One-click and they’re done! 

In the next post, we are going to reveal the number one thing you need to change in order to implement bundles into your Amazon selling strategy.

Whether you’re a new seller or an experienced seller looking to add some diversity to your business, we are passionate about helping other sellers grow and are ready to share our complete wholesale bundle strategies with you. Access the exclusive Wholesale Bundle System HERE.

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