AF313 - Are You Ready for a Bundle Challenge?

In this podcast episode, Kristin Ostrander discusses the importance of accountability for entrepreneurs. She shares her personal experiences with accountability and how it has brought her success. Kristin suggests setting goals and having something specific to accomplish to establish accountability. She introduces a live challenge for wholesale bundle students, where they can launch their own bundles on Amazon within 40 days. The challenge includes weekly live calls, checklists, and accountability to ensure participants stay on track. Kristin encourages active participation and offers her support throughout the challenge. She concludes by inviting listeners to join the challenge and emphasizes the need to step out of comfort zones to achieve success.

The Significance of Accountability

Accountability is a crucial tool for entrepreneurs. As self-starters, we are motivated and independent, but accountability can help us stay focused and reach our goals. Even the most organized individuals can struggle with taking risks or rushing through tasks, while others may fear failure or overthink their actions. Accountability provides a checks and balances system, preventing us from getting in our own way and ensuring we are working towards the right goals.

I've personally experienced the power of accountability, such as committing to a weekly live show for Mommy Income. By making this commitment, I hold myself accountable to my audience and ensure I follow through on my word. I believe that accountability has always brought me success and I encourage you to think about times in your own lives when you held yourselves accountable or were held accountable by someone else, such as a boss, teacher, or mentor.


Establishing Accountability

To establish accountability, I suggest setting goals and having something specific to accomplish. For example, I mention my wholesale bundles framework for Amazon sellers and how some may struggle to put bundles together without accountability. By having someone to check in on their progress and provide support, entrepreneurs are more likely to achieve their goals.

Accountability is not about negative consequences, but rather about seeking help and support to stay on track and push past comfort zones. Holding oneself accountable can be as simple as checking in on progress and taking small steps each day. Progress, no matter how slow, is still progress.


The Amazon Files Hub: A Community for Accountability

Many clients have expressed frustration and feeling stuck when working alone without structure or a schedule. That's why I created the Amazon Files Hub, a membership program that offers training, group brainstorming sessions, and monthly coaching sessions to provide accountability and support. Being part of a community and investing in oneself through paid programs increases the likelihood of participation and commitment.


The Wholesale Bundle Challenge: A Test of Accountability

I've also introduced the Wholesale Bundle Challenge, a program specifically for Wholesale Bundle students, designed to push them out of their comfort zones and provide support in creating and launching a bundle on Amazon within 40 days. The challenge includes weekly live calls, mini trainings, and structured homework to keep participants accountable.

The challenge is designed for students who have already taken the wholesale bundle course and are ready to implement their knowledge. The focus of the challenge is on selecting products, creating bundles, conducting research, and listing them on Amazon. The goal is to launch a complete bundle by the end of the challenge.


Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

I encourage students to actively participate in the challenge by sharing ideas and completing the assigned homework. I also mention the possibility of co-working sessions, where participants can work together and hold each other accountable.

For those who are unable to participate or are not yet ready, I suggest finding accountability elsewhere. I advise against relying on friends or family members who may let them off the hook easily. Instead, I recommend finding someone who is unbiased and willing to hold them accountable for their actions and progress.


Conclusion: The Power of Accountability

In conclusion, I invite listeners to become students and join the challenge to launch their bundle before the holidays. I assure them that the challenge is flexible and tailored to serve their needs. I end by reminding listeners to enjoy the remaining summer days but to also prepare for the upcoming challenge.

Remember, excuses cannot be deposited, but the results of hard work and accountability can. So, step out of your comfort zones, take risks, and commit to your goals. I look forward to seeing the bundles that will be launched during the challenge and reiterate the importance of accountability in achieving success. I assure students that I will be available to support and guide them along the way.







"Accountability in my life has always brought success." - Kristin Ostrander



The importance of accountability [00:00:02]

Accountability is crucial for success as an entrepreneur, as it helps to stay focused and reach goals.


Different forms of accountability [00:01:15]

Accountability can come in different styles, such as being super organized or rushing through tasks, but it helps to keep us on track.


Examples of accountability in action [00:02:17]

Examples of accountability include having a boss at a job, meeting with a growth group, or committing to a regular gym schedule.


The importance of accountability [00:10:38]

Accountability helps us succeed and move forward. It is not about negative consequences, but about getting a little help and push out of our comfort zone.


Accountability through small actions [00:11:38]

Doing small actions consistently, like a 15-minute hustle, leads to progress and success. Procrastination can be overcome by taking small steps every day.


Accountability in a group setting [00:12:30]

Being part of a group with accountability, like the Amazon Files Hub, helps generate new ideas, solve problems, and support each other in the journey of entrepreneurship.


The importance of accountability [00:20:17]

Discussion on the significance of accountability in achieving success as an entrepreneur.


Requirements for participating in the bundle challenge [00:21:17]

Explanation of the prerequisites for joining the bundle challenge, including the need for brand approval or brand registry.


Timeline and structure of the challenge [00:22:12]

Details about the schedule, live calls, homework, and accountability measures for the 40-day bundle challenge.


The importance of taking risks and committing to goals [00:29:36]

Encouragement to step out of the comfort zone, invest, and commit to achieving goals.


Finding an accountability partner [00:30:34]

The need for an accountability partner who is tough, unbiased, and won't accept excuses.


Invitation to join the bundle challenge [00:32:13]

Details about joining the bundle challenge, the flexibility of timing, and the benefits of accountability in achieving success.



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