AF327 - Are You Bundling WRONG? The REAL FACTS About Bundling On Amazon

amazon policies bundling Dec 04, 2023

I've noticed a lot of misconceptions and incorrect practices floating around in Facebook groups, and I think it's high time we set the record straight.

In this episode, Kristin discusses the concept of bundles on Amazon. She clarifies what is and isn't considered a bundle according to Amazon's policies, and warns against improper bundling practices. Kristin emphasizes the importance of following Amazon's rules to avoid suspension or other consequences. She provides examples of compliant and non-compliant bundles, and offers advice on creating successful bundles that meet customer needs. She also highlights the importance of having proper documentation and treating Amazon selling as a legitimate business. Kristin offers additional training and resources for those who need further guidance.

The Importance of Complying with Amazon's Rules

As an Amazon seller for almost 20 years, I cannot stress enough the importance of following Amazon's rules and policies. I've seen sellers who try to bypass the rules by creating unconventional bundle listings, and trust me, it often ends in suspension and removal of their ASINs. This can result in a significant loss of inventory and funds.

Doing business legitimately and putting in the necessary work upfront is crucial. Just like in sports, success in business requires going the extra mile and following the rules. Yes, Amazon's policies can be confusing at times, but I encourage you to use them to your advantage and provide proper documentation when dealing with Amazon.

What Constitutes a Bundle on Amazon?

Let's start by clarifying what a bundle is and what it isn't according to Amazon's policies. A bundle should enhance the customer experience and meet a need or solve a problem, rather than being a tactic to deter hijackers or gain more sales. For instance, a bundle featuring Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Mulberry Shop stickers that falsely claims the bundle is from the Mulberry Shop is a clear violation of Amazon's policies.

Another example is a bundle featuring Trader Joe's products and a reusable grocery tote. This bundle is non-compliant because it combines name brand items and uses the bundle as a way to circumvent Amazon's policies.

The Dos and Don'ts of Bundling on Amazon

Creating bundles solely to eliminate competition can backfire. Instead, focus on understanding your target audience and how your bundle can meet their needs. For instance, a sunflower-themed gift set that meets the need for sunflower gifts for women is a great example of a successful bundle.

Remember, using the word "free" in a listing is allowed as long as it follows specific guidelines. Also, ensure your pictures are compliant. Tools like Canva can be handy for creating attractive and professional images for your listings.

The Benefits of Compliant Bundles

A compliant bundle, like a gardening tool set with its own brand name and professional images, can meet the needs of gardeners and solve their problems effectively. Even bundles without a well-known brand name can sell well if they are made up of wholesale products and meet a customer's need or solve a problem.

However, be cautious about using trademarked or copyrighted brand names in your bundles, as it can lead to trouble and potential listing removal.

The Bottom Line

Selling on Amazon is not just a hobby or side hustle, but a legitimate business. Treat it as such, including keeping track of taxes, bookkeeping, and other business-related tasks. If you prefer a more casual approach, there are other platforms like Mercari or eBay available.

In conclusion, prioritize understanding and complying with Amazon's rules to succeed on the platform. Create good bundles according to policy and remember, bundles don't have to be expensive or fancy to be successful on Amazon. By following Amazon's policies, creating a unique brand name, and meeting customer needs, you can create profitable bundles.

For those who need further guidance, I offer comprehensive training on bundling rules and a free training option on my website. Let's create successful, compliant bundles together!



"I don't want anyone to get suspended from Amazon. I don't want you to get kicked off of Amazon. I don't want you to have your listings or your account or anything go down. I don't want you to have any errors. I'm a teacher and I want to teach you how to do things the right way so you can prosper the right way." - Kristin Ostrander



Bundles and Amazon's Policies (00:00:02)
This topic covers the importance of understanding Amazon's policies regarding bundles and the consequences of not following them.

What a Bundle is Not (00:03:05)
This topic clarifies what does not qualify as a bundle on Amazon, such as combining two name-brand items or using a brand name to differentiate a listing.

Compliance with Amazon's Rules (00:06:01)
This topic emphasizes the importance of knowing and following Amazon's rules for bundles, including using legitimate wholesale sources and having proper documentation.

Amazon's rules and consequences for breaking them (00:09:13)
Discussion on the importance of complying with Amazon's rules and the potential consequences of not following them.

Understanding what is considered a bundle according to Amazon's policies (00:11:43)
Explanation of what constitutes a bundle according to Amazon's terms of service and how to create a compliant bundle listing.

Analyzing an example of a non-compliant bundle listing (00:13:48)
Review and analysis of a specific bundle listing that does not meet Amazon's policies and the reasons behind its non-compliance.

The "Bad Bundle with Non-Compliant Pictures" (00:19:52)
This segment discusses a bundle listing with non-compliant pictures and improper use of tags, highlighting the importance of following Amazon's guidelines for product images.

The "Borderline Bundle with Brand Name Issue" (00:21:55)
This segment examines a variety pack bundle that is borderline compliant due to the use of a brand name, but still meets the criteria for a bundle. It discusses the need it solves and the potential for other sellers to jump on the listing.

The "Good and Compliant Wholesale Bundle" (00:26:08)
This segment showcases a wholesale bundle that follows all the rules and is successful. It emphasizes the importance of branding, professional images, and meeting a specific need for the target audience.

The sunflower-themed gift (00:29:04)
Discussion on creating a bundle with a sunflower theme as a gift option for various occasions.

The dollar store value pack (00:31:08)
Exploration of a bundle consisting of various kitchen accessories with different themes, such as sunflowers and roosters.

The cake decorating kit (00:34:07)
Explanation of a bundle containing cake decorating supplies, highlighting the possibility of sourcing these items from wholesale suppliers.

Complying with Amazon's policies and documentation requirements (00:39:02)
Kristin discusses the importance of complying with Amazon's policies and having all the necessary documentation to prove the legitimacy of your bundles.

The consequences of trying to get around the rules (00:40:01)
Kristin explains that trying to bypass Amazon's rules and regulations will eventually result in negative consequences and advises against it.

Taking action and creating good bundles (00:43:35)
Kristin encourages listeners to take action, fix any mistakes they may have made, and create bundles that comply with Amazon's policies.


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