AF270 - Why Branding and Copywriting Matters for Amazon

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Have you ever had an amazing experience with a brand?

 How did you feel when you opened the package?

 Did you pay attention to the packaging?

 Did you feel something was cheap or high quality?

 what made you think these things about the brand? 


We are to dive deep into why branding matters and how you can step up your game to sell more products on Amazon

we are Tapping into the power of branding, storytelling, and copywriting to grow and strengthen your Amazon listings with Emma Schermer Tamir

Emma transforms her insatiable curiosity into conversion-spiking copy. As co-founder and CEO of Marketing by Emma, she’s helped over 1,000 businesses from around the world boost their sales and build their brands online.

Through her thoughtful approach and winning strategies, Emma has become a leading expert in the field of selling on Amazon. Whether she's speaking on stages across the globe, leading her team, or working with clients, her goal is to empower everyone to create better product pages, Amazon listings, and website copy that makes brands' dream customers excited to click "Add to Cart!”

Why does branding matter when you're selling on Amazon?

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when creating an Amazon listing?

Why should businesses invest in branding?

Anything related to copywriting, branding, or storytelling! I love talking about these topics, and want to be sure that the listeners gain as much value as possible.

About Branding and Packaging:

  • Branding piece is important.
  • Getting customers to not only buy your product but to keep it and buy again.
  • Customers having a positive experience with your product will remember your brand and eventually would do free marketing for your company.
  • Good packaging will protect your product, hence avoiding negative reviews.
  • Shareable links on Amazon are free advertising.
  • Good packaging is building an identity for a good brand.
  • Product development
  • Brand story - a story associated with your product that connects with people.
  • Point of differentiation - it will help customers choose your product over all of the other ones.
  • Brand recognition and brand loyalty
  • Branding based on people’s emotions, behaviors, understanding, and values.
  • Investment, energy, and time spent into your listings/products/packaging will bring you amount of sales.
  • Creating the avatar for every bundle.
  • Price is the last thing that you adjust.
  • Aligning your product with specific organizations or groups.
  • Having good-looking images and good copywriting in your listings.
  • Good quality products and a brand that will stand behind their products.
  • Trusted communications
  • Putting yourself into the shoes of your customers and knowing their specific needs and wants.




“Your products are unapologetically not for everyone! When you brand your products, you have to stand out in some way. It’s more than just packaging in a box. It's a connection to the brand and company you represent that creates repeat business. The more connected your customers feel to the products and services they’re aligning with the more will flock to you.”  

- Kristin Ostrander



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