AF189 - Branding your Amazon Bundles

branding gtin Apr 10, 2021

Getting trademarked and brand-registered for your Amazon business can be a little bit tricky. I hear you: Why should I go through all the trouble? It’s because having your Amazon wholesale bundles trademarked has amazing benefits that could scale your business. If you want to build a long-term sustainable business that can earn money whether you’re hustling or sleeping, you need to put in the work of branding.

And trust me - it’s all worth it.

In this episode, I share a few tips and advice on creating your brand name on Amazon. I share the steps you need to take to get brand-registered and trademark and explain why you need to accomplish them as soon as you can. I discuss the advantages of creating a brand for your wholesale bundles and describe the role of custom packaging in trademarking. I also highlight why you shouldn’t try to circumvent Amazon rules and underscore how trademarking can protect your Amazon account, wholesale bundles, and product listings.

“You don’t have to sell well-known brands to profit on Amazon, but getting brand-registered can set you apart from competitors and protect your product listings.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • How to correct Amazon error codes by creating your bundle brand and custom packaging
  • Why you need to get your products trademarked and brand registered as soon as you can
  • A few reasons brands get rejected
  • Steps you need to take to complete brand registry
  • How to name your brand and why you may want to create a “generic” brand name for your Amazon products
  • The advantages of using an acronym as a brand name
  • The role of custom packaging in the trademark and brand registry process
  • Why I recommend hiring the services of a lawyer when going for the trademark process
  • What makes wholesale bundling unique and what makes it worth it
  • Amazon’s definition of a brand
  • What “brand registry” means and how it’s different from “brand approval”
  • The difference between rebranding and wholesale bundling
  • What to do if you’re still getting error codes despite having a brand
  • Using the “compatible with” clause on Amazon to use big brand names



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