AF168 - It's coming...are you READY? Amazon Seller's Guide to Black Friday

black friday Nov 16, 2020

Over my almost two decades of experience in Ecommerce, I have always looked forward to the Black Friday weekend. And this year, pandemic notwithstanding is no exception. It’s a holiday-selling kickoff where people look for deals and start buying gifts for their family (or themselves). And you know what that means for us: big selling opportunities and loads of money to be made. Though 2020 has changed consumer behavior, Amazon business owners can adjust to the evolving market and continue to meet customers’ needs. 

In this episode, I share tips and advice on how you can best prepare for the big Black Friday weekend. I discuss why you need to consider arranging your Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant templates and set up expedited shipping for your customers. I reveal a recent poll on consumers’ buying preferences this Q4 and explain why you may want to get in your favorite retailers’ email lists. I also underscore the value of keeping an eye on trends that may go beyond Q4 and highlight the importance of adapting to market changes.

“You want your shelves stocked for Black Friday.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • How Black Friday and Cyber Week are going to be different in 2020
  • Capitalizing on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Week
  • Why I do retail arbitrage for the Black Friday weekend
  • How shoppers feel about shopping in-person at stores
  • Why “Merchant Fulfill” is going to be the Amazon word for the rest of Q4
  • The reason you need to send your inventory to Amazon as early as you can
  • Adjusting your shipping time, Merchant Fulfill templates, and creating expedited shipping
  • The role of your risk tolerance this Black Friday season
  • The importance of adapting to market changes and how people are buying bigger, bulkier items from Amazon
  • Athleisure wear and other “at-home lifestyle” items gaining popularity
  • The advantage of signing up for your favorite retailers’ email list
  • Going beyond Q4 and paying attention to January
  • Looking at last year’s Black Friday ads and why retailers are encouraging early buying



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