Amazon Bundling Success Story: how being fired was the best thing that ever happened!

If you’re sick of competition and want to scale your Amazon business to another level, then bundling is for you. I hear you: you are worried that you won’t find the right vendors or won’t be able to sell your products, so you’d rather stick to retail arbitrage on Amazon. But while it can be scary to venture into the unknown, the success stories of doing bundles on Amazon are real.

Meet Al Bereznay, an e-commerce veteran who has been running his online business since 1999. He started his online business on eBay as a side hustle for additional income. Today, Al is a bundling expert who has grown his online family business on Amazon and believes strongly in doing Amazon FBA.

Al joins me today to share his experience in growing an online business and bundling on Amazon. He discusses how he began selling on eBay as a source of side income and illustrates how he pivoted to Amazon. He explains why he was reluctant to do Amazon FBA at first and why he still does his bundling in-house with his family. He also shares his approach to research and bundling, how he leverages suppliers and vendors to increase business, and his advice to people who want to start bundling on Amazon.

“It doesn’t matter how much we like the product; if we can’t bundle it, we walk away from it.” - Al Bereznay

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Al’s background and how he stumbled into Ecommerce
  • Why Al switched from manufacturing management to selling on eBay full-time
  • The “Midas’ touch” days of Ecommerce
  • Growing his business from a side hustle to his family’s main source of income
  • How Al realized that eBay wasn’t enough and decided to explore other channels like Amazon
  • Al’s reluctance to start doing Amazon FBA and why he’s now a solid believer of it
  • How Al branched his Amazon business out to other products and the importance of diversification
  • Al’s first Amazon bundle and how he came up with the idea
  • Why Al still does his bundling in-house and the benefits of outsourcing to a prep center
  • Al’s approach to bundling and his research process and framework
  • The reason Al is a big fan of Merchant Words


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