AF314 - Is it a Good Fit For You?

In this episode of the Amazon Files podcast, host introduces guest Michael Leber, a successful Amazon seller who has expanded his business to include selling on Walmart. Michael shares his experience and explains how Walmart has provided growth opportunities and a supportive environment for sellers. They discuss the differences between Amazon and Walmart, the potential of Walmart surpassing Amazon in the future, and the importance of focusing on one platform before expanding. Michael also talks about his company's partnership with Walmart and the services they offer to help sellers succeed. The host encourages listeners to consider Walmart as an additional revenue stream and highlights the expertise of Michael and his team at SellCord.


Michael Leber: From Amazon to Walmart

Michael's journey into e-commerce began in high school, where he started selling on Amazon. He initially focused on private label products, supplementing his income with some retail arbitrage to fund his private label investments. Over time, he established his brands, focusing on fitness accessories before expanding into a more general fitness brand and a home and kitchen brand.

However, the journey wasn't always smooth. Michael and his team faced challenges on Amazon, including competitors using black tactics such as getting their listings taken down and receiving negative reviews. This led them to explore other marketplaces, and that's when Walmart entered the picture.


The Transition to Walmart

Michael's transition from Amazon to Walmart was a strategic move to build their brand and expand to other marketplaces. They started selling on Walmart and noticed significant growth without much effort. This success prompted them to focus their efforts on understanding and optimizing their presence on Walmart. As a result, they became the top-selling brand in their category on the platform and even had the opportunity to meet with buyers for potential retail store placement.


The Differences Between Amazon and Walmart

During our conversation, we discussed the differences between Amazon and Walmart. We highlighted the importance of focusing on one platform before expanding to others. We also touched on the structure of listings, the importance of unique content for Walmart's ranking on Google, and the omnichannel nature of Walmart, which includes marketplace sellers, direct sales to Walmart, and in-store items.

I also shared my prediction that Walmart, with its existing locations and logistics capabilities, has the potential to surpass Amazon in the future.


Michael's Experience as a Seller on Walmart

Michael shared that Walmart is focused on their sellers and tries to be a partner in making them successful. He mentioned that Walmart has strict rules but also supports their sellers by ensuring they have enough margin to keep their business healthy. He added that Walmart has teams to support sellers and is more lenient in terms of service compared to Amazon.


How to Determine if Your Products are a Good Fit for Walmart

When asked how sellers can determine if their products are a good fit for Walmart, Michael advised considering the size of the market, pricing within the category, and the presence of large generic keywords related to the product. He concluded by saying that Walmart offers enough revenue and profitability for sellers to justify investing time and resources.


SellCord: A Partner for Success on Walmart

Michael's agency, SellCord, specializes in Walmart and offers various services to help sellers succeed on the platform. They have the only Walmart reimbursement solution and a full suite of offerings for Walmart. They work closely with Walmart and are even sponsoring an event next week.



I want to thank Michael for sharing his knowledge and insights. His experience underscores the importance of not rejecting the help available to sellers. If you're already doing well on Amazon, consider Walmart as an additional revenue stream. Remember, having a conversation with Michael and his team at SellCord does not obligate you to anything.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the Amazon Files podcast, where we'll continue to explore exciting opportunities for Amazon sellers.







"Don't reject the help that's out there, you guys. There's people that are building these wonderful tools and resources to help other people and help sellers get started and not just get started but to thrive." - Kristin Ostrander



The Introduction to Selling on Walmart [00:00:02]

The speaker introduces the topic of selling on Walmart as an additional revenue stream for Amazon sellers.


Announcement of Bundle Challenge for Wholesale Bundle Students [00:01:11]

The speaker announces a special bundle challenge for wholesale bundle students, providing details about the challenge and its benefits.


Michael's Experience and Success on Walmart [00:04:17]

The speaker introduces the guest, Michael Leber, who has had success selling on Walmart and scaled his businesses and brands on the platform.


The transition to selling on Walmart [00:09:35]

Michael Leber discusses how his company started selling on Walmart as an additional marketplace and the potential growth they saw in the platform.


Significant differences between Amazon and Walmart [00:12:08]

Michael Leber explains the core differences between selling on Amazon and Walmart, including the structure of listings, the focus on unique content, and the omnichannel nature of Walmart.


Walmart's potential to surpass Amazon [00:16:49]

The host and Michael Leber discuss the potential for Walmart to surpass Amazon in the future due to its existing network of locations and the development of logistics and warehousing capabilities.


The seller relationship with Walmart [00:17:23]

Discussion on how Walmart treats sellers and their focus on partnership and support.


Determining if Walmart is a good fit for your products [00:20:40]

Tips on evaluating market size, pricing, and keyword relevance to determine if Walmart is a suitable platform.


Services offered by Walmart agency partner [00:24:33]

Introduction to the agency's specialized services for Walmart sellers, including listing optimization and profit analytics tool.


The Walmart partnership [00:25:31]

Discussion about the speaker's close collaboration with Walmart, offering a suite of services and assistance to emerging and smaller brands.


Exploring Walmart opportunities [00:26:20]

Encouragement to reach out to the speaker's team at Sell Cord to explore the possibility of selling on Walmart and the potential for additional revenue.


Gratitude and farewell [00:27:08]

The host expresses gratitude to the guest for sharing his expertise and announces the next episode of the podcast.



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