Amazon FBA Mistakes to Avoid / Wholesale Edition

Sometimes sellers don’t realize mistakes are being made until they have negatively impacted their businesses. That’s why we’re here to speak into your businesses to help you catch the mistakes BEFORE they take a huge bite out of your profits.

Our number one goal as teachers is to support each and every one of you as you grow your businesses on Amazon. Last week we shared, the first episode in our Amazon FBA Mistakes to avoid series. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE. In this series, we’re discussing the common mistakes we see sellers making in different sourcing models and what you can do to prevent them in your business.

There are common mistakes that many Amazon sellers make, and these can often be due to incorrect assumptions. You might think that it is too expensive to get started with wholesale bundles or maybe you are afraid or nervous about approaching wholesale vendors. You may also be fearful and worried about the questions that vendors may ask.

We reveal the myths, assumptions, and Amazon FBA mistakes to avoid in your wholesale bundling business. We share why you shouldn’t be fearful of getting a ‘no’ from wholesale vendors and share the secret to finding 100s of wholesalers. We answer the questions that you might have about whether or not you need to set up a legitimate business or website. We share many of the common mistakes that are centered around bundle pricing and explain why you shouldn’t forget to build relationships with wholesale reps.

“You always get a no if you don't ask.” - Amy Feierman & Kristin Ostrander 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • The myths and wrong assumptions about wholesale bundles.
  • How to approach wholesale vendors for the first time.
  • How to find 100s of wholesalers.
  • Why you need to set up a legitimate business and get a resellers license.
  • Do you need a website or an e-commerce site?
  • Why you need wholesale even if the purchase price is the same as retail.
  • How to change your perspective, do your research, and consider factors other than the price.
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook building a relationship with your wholesale rep.
  • How not to underprice your bundles.
  • How to use Merchant Words and Jungle Scout. 



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