Amazon FBA Mistakes to Avoid / Retail Arbitrage

Are you looking to turn a profit from your Amazon business? We hope so!

Running a business comes with ups and downs both big and small. Downs are inevitable BUT there are things you can do to prevent many of them.

Whether you’re new to retail arbitrage or have been doing it for years, making mistakes is par for the course. And while making mistakes is often how we learn and grow as entrepreneurs - it often comes at an expensive cost. Some mistakes can even be detrimental to the success of your business.

Today, we share the retail arbitrage mistakes you should avoid while building your Amazon FBA business. We highlight the most common errors many new Amazon sellers make and share the data points that you should consider when deciding to buy a product. We also discuss why you shouldn’t fall into the habit of buying with your heart instead of looking at the facts, share the tools that can bring you greater success, and offer clarity on when is the right time to move from retail arbitrage into wholesale bundles.

“The number one retail arbitrage mistake is only focusing on sales rank when it comes to deciding to buy a product.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • What is retail arbitrage?
  • Why you shouldn’t just rely on sales rank when deciding to purchase a product.
  • How to use Keepa to gain insights into product performance over time.
  • Gleaming insights from data points such as longevity, ratings, reviews, and the number of sellers.
  • Why you shouldn’t use a BOLO list.
  • Why you need to trust the facts and not your feelings.
  • How to use Merchant Words as an SEO and keyword tool.
  • The risks of selling from categories and brands that can be easily counterfeit.
  • Why you shouldn’t cherry pick what you scan in store.
  • The advantages of choosing replenishable items and speaking to store managers.
  • How much money you need to switch to wholesale bundles.

 Mommy Income Question of the Week:

  • What does it mean to sell on Amazon?



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Amazon FBA Mistakes to Avoid / Wholesale Edition

Amazon FBA Mistakes to Avoid / Bundle Edition

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Common RA mistakes:

  • Only focusing on sales rank when deciding to purchase a product
  • Length of product history
  • Ratings
  • Number of sellers/offer
  • Price history
  • Seasonality

Purchasing products off of BOLO lists:

  • Learn to take a list and read between the lines
  • Use it as a jumpstart
  • Learn to source smarter, SET sourcing guidelines
  • Go where others aren’t going

Buying Top branded highly counterfeit claim items:

  • This is not sustainable.
  • Many stores can carry high end brands but there is not proof of their authenticity due to internal SKU use per store. Amazon will not accept their receipts as proof and your inauthentic claims can get you suspended.
  • Avoid high end branded, purses, wallets, shoes, handbags, belts, makeup

Cherry picking what to scan:

  • Don’t be picky or selective
  • Start with your knowledge bank
  • Scan an entire product line
  • Scan an entire isle
  • Take notes
  • What did you find? What DIDN'T you find?
  • Be deliberate and focused
  • Have a goal in mind, time or number of items scanned

Not looking for replenishable items:

  • Look for items people buy over and over
  • No seasonal
  • Daily use
  • Consumable
  • BUNDLES!!!


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