AF257 - $0 to $100k in 14 Months Amazon FBA Success Story

Today one of my favorite clients and friends, Michelle Maple, returns to the show to talk about how she went from zero to six figures in her first fourteen months on Amazon. Michelle started her business doing retail arbitrage in September 2018, and she opens the episode by discussing how she transitioned from that to wholesale bundling (with a little help from my courses!) within six months. She describes feeling that arbitrage took up too much time with “running errands” and instead being drawn to the creative and research aspects of bundling. Michelle also talks about changing the structure of her business to a one-person operation and deciding to scale back in order to find a good work/life balance. She recommends using checklists to keep on top of all the steps needed when listing and developing a routine and a schedule to help keep you on track when you’re feeling scattered or overwhelmed.

Next, Michelle shares some of her figures from this year, during which she’s already done six figures, and her goals as we move into Q4 and holiday season. Then we discuss the importance of actively considering how you can become more excellent at your business and whether slowing down would benefit you in the long run. Michelle also advises those new to bundling and maybe overthinking things to take the step forward and put their bundles out there because your best learning only happens after you send them. And we close out the episode with Michelle’s advice to maintain a flexible mindset toward change so that you’re ready and willing to adapt whenever Amazon changes the rules.

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This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Transitioning from retail arbitrage to bundling
  • Becoming a one-person business and scaling back
  • Staying motivated and being in the moment
  • Developing a routine and schedule
  • Committing to excellence and adapting to change

Stepping back does not mean failure, it does not mean that we’re going bad or going in the wrong direction. You actually gave yourself space to figure out the next step while the numbers are dropping. And that’s perfectly okay. As a matter of fact, that’s awesome and healthy.”

- Kristin Ostrander




I was literally in Disney World when my phone dinged for the first time, and I had a sale, and it was like, ‘Well, this is cool. Here I am in the happiest place on Earth, and I’m selling something.’”

One of the things that I’ve learned is the parts of the business that I try to just push through and force are the ones that come back to smack me upside the head and say, ‘Nope, you didn’t do this right, and that’s not gonna work.’”

I do feel like there’s a lot of hats, and it is hard to escape. I just try to tell myself, whatever piece or whatever moment I’m in, just trying to be in that moment because I’m not going to do anything very well if I’m not.”

I think for the new people and those that are overthinking, you have to start somewhere. You’re not going to learn all of this in your office by yourself with nothing listed. You know, you have to take the step forward.”

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