AF176 - The P.L.A.N Blue Print Part 4 of 4 APPLY

p.l.a.n. blueprint Jan 11, 2021

Do you want to be better than you were in 2020? If you do, merely reading self-help books will not magically improve your life and business. Putting into practice the knowledge you’ve gathered is critical to personal growth. That is why the next step of the P.L.A.N Blue Print - Apply - follows Learn: because if we don’t do anything with the new information we receive, we’ll forever get stuck in research mode. Not taking action in response to learning is wasted time and energy. 

In this episode, I recap the P.L.A.N Blue Print and discuss how we can apply the new knowledge we’ve gathered from our Learn stage. I reveal the common denominator between successful people and underscore the value of practice. I explain the importance of letting yourself be a beginner and how you can avoid the pitfalls of the perfectionism-procrastination cycle. I also highlight how documenting and tracking your progress impacts your improvement and illustrate how you can apply the principles of the P.L.A.N Blue Print to your Amazon business.

“If we don’t apply the insights we learn into our lives, we waste time and effort. Applying newfound knowledge is the way we can improve ourselves.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • The learning-but-not-applying pitfall
  • The common denominator between successful people
  • The importance of ‘Application’ in the P.L.A.N Blue Print
  • Avoiding the traps of perfectionism and comfortability
  • The vicious cycle of perfectionism, procrastination, and quitting
  • How to avoid perfectionism and the power of taking small, consistent steps
  • What it means to practice and the importance of tracking your progress
  • My next goals for my cornhole game, business, and life
  • How documenting small improvements helps us identify when it’s time to move forward
  • Taking the next step to expand your Amazon wholesale bundles
  • Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and the value of enjoying practice
  • Why you should focus on incremental improvement over mastery


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