AF174 - The P.L.A.N. Blue Print Part 2 of 4 PREPARE

If there’s anything we’ve learned - especially after going through 2020 - it’s that anything unexpected can happen at any given time. Adapting to change is super difficult, especially when it’s forced upon us by something external. The next step of the P.L.A.N. Blue Print after creating an In a Perfect World scenario is preparation, an essential piece of weathering through change and achieving goals. Though not a plan-ahead-of-time person myself, preparing and planning for change has allowed me to transform my life from financial ruin to a flourishing seven-figure business.

In this episode, I discuss how you can take the next step of the P.L.A.N. Blue Print - Prepare - after designing your In a Perfect World scenario. I reveal the mindset shift you need to develop to succeed in your Amazon business and life. I explain why I created the P.L.A.N. Blue Print and illustrate how preparing and making a plan can help you focus and get excited about your major goals. I also underscore the need to expect not only the worst, but also the best that could happen in your life and highlight how you can prepare for positive growth.

“We create our successes through our actions: opportunity favors the prepared.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • The fundamental difference between “easy” and “simple”
  • What the P.L.A.N. Blue Print is and how it helps me grow my Amazon business
  • Adapting to change and laying the foundations of the P.L.A.N. Blue Print
  • How handling change is a skill we learn throughout life
  • Expecting the best, planning for the worst, and capitalizing on what happens next
  • The importance of preparing for the worst and why I hate the word “luck”
  • Preparing for opportunities and why I created the P.L.A.N. Blue Print
  • How preparation keeps your mind focused on your goals
  • Why business owners need to develop the ability to pivot quickly
  • The importance of having a plan B
  • How being risk-averse can lead to inaction, and how preparation avoids delayed action
  • The value of maintaining a list of alternatives to everything in your business
  • The master business task list, what it is, and why you need to create one
  • Creating an alternative list of companies who carry products you sell
  • Anticipating and preparing for positive growth and how creating a list of daily tasks can help you outsource them
  • Things to include in your master business task list


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