🌎 Which trade show is right for you and your Amazon business?

kristin workshop Nov 02, 2018

Which trade show is right for you and your Amazon business?
By Kristin Ostrander

A few weeks ago we @Mommy Income announced our new Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop lineup for 2019 with 3 locations!

  • Atlanta, Georgia in January
  • Lansing, Michigan in March 
  • Columbus, Ohio in August

This workshop is a great way to take your Amazon FBA business to a new and advanced level. We will work hand in hand in a classroom style setting then hit the ground running with a guided trade show walkthrough. Trade shows vary greatly in size, product offering and location.

So how do you know which trade show is right for you?

Deciding on which trade show to attend is a matter of preference. Here are some of my insights from attending many trade shows locations over the last 10 years which will help decide which location is right for you!

Different shows offer different types of experiences.
Which show you choose should fit your personal comfort level, budget and schedule.

In Atlanta, we will...

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