Wholesale & Private Label Business Evolution with Nick Cox

With a keen mind and a love for mathematics, Nick Cox studied accounting and information systems in college. He began his career in IT & Financial Services after graduating, where he made use of his analytical mind. When he pivoted to running his own business on Amazon two years ago, Nick found that his knack for analysis is as useful in an ever-changing online marketplace. After educating himself and joining the Amazon Files’ Facebook community, Nick is now reaping the rewards of his hard work and business acumen.

Nick joins us today to share his experience with selling private label items on Amazon as a beginner and how wholesale bundling changed his business. He explains how market research supports his Amazon business, how he utilizes it, and why he focuses on selling evergreen items on Amazon. He highlights the importance of being adaptable when it comes to running an Amazon store. He also shares the biggest lessons he learned from joining the Amazon Files community. 

“You may start with great products - whether it’s private label or wholesale bundles - but you can’t stop there. You need to always look for what’s coming next.” - Nick Cox

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Why Nick started with private labeling on Amazon
  • The challenges Nick met when he began selling private label items
  • How wholesale bundling helped Nick scale his Amazon business
  • The benefits of creating wholesale bundles
  • How Nick makes use of market research to support his Amazon store
  • The value of adaptability and flexibility when managing an Amazon business
  • The biggest lessons Nick has learned from the Amazon Files podcast and community
  • How joining an Amazon community can help scale your business
  • Why Nick doesn’t focus on selling seasonal items on Amazon


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