🔆Insider Tips & Tricks for Walking a Tradeshow Floor [Meet Wholesale Vendors]

How do you ROCK a trade show walkthrough?

The simple answer is confidence!

If you have never been to a trade show it can be very overwhelming and intimidating. There are hundreds, sometimes even thousands of vendors and booths and millions of products to sort through. Just knowing where to start is enough to make anyone quit before they start. Many of our clients have expressed that they want to go to tradeshows and open wholesale accounts but they do not know how to to it. They don’t know how to start the conversation, what questions to ask and how to navigate the “No Amazon Sellers” stance of some vendors.

In our guided trade show walkthroughs during our Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshops, students have the opportunity to see us interact with vendors and PRACTICE these conversations with us side by side. We don't want to wait until our next workshop to share these tips and tricks to help you walk the trade show floor confidently and secure more wholesale vendor accounts!


Make sure you have business cards ready if you plan on attending a trade show! We use Zazzle.com to print our business cards but your local office supply store is also an option. This is generally required as part of registration for the trade show event. Business cards are one of the most important things to have on the trade show floor. Many think that business cards are outdated but on the trade show floor, they are an asset. Why?

🔆Taking Notes
We've seen many vendors take our business cards and write information about our conversation on the back. That is a great tip for buyers as well. You'll talk to so many people on the floor you'll want to make sure you write that information down. The back of a business card or catalog is an option.  

Business cards are also easy to carry with you. Trade shows bring vendors and buyers together in places other than the trade show floor. You never know who you might strike up a conversation with at the bar, hotel lounge or in line at the restaurant down the street. Exchanging business cards is a great way to keep communication open even after you've moved on. 

What should you put on your business card?

  • business name

  • your name

  • email address

  • phone number (setting up a Google voice number is a great option)

Does it matter what it looks like? Yes and no. You want to make sure it's easy to read and doesn't include any typos. Does it need to be super fancy and over-the-top design? No. Simple straightforward and to the point.

Things to consider when ordering:

  • Order Matte (not glossy) cards. It makes them easier to write on

  • Standard card stock is fine. No need to upgrade to fancy or thicker stock

  • Order more than you think you need. It's usually cheaper to purchase 500 cards instead of 100 cards. You also don't want to run out during the show.

  • Don't order the cards that come with the print companies name on the back.

Most print-on-demand sources for business cards will provide you with templates to use for your cards. Zazzle.com has great templates.


Home & Gift Tradeshow:

  • Bring a few snacks and a drink. Although a lot of booths offer coffee, water and a tasty bite or two, you might want to bring additional snacks and drinks. There is a concession stand but you could also bring your own lunch as well.

  • Rolling bag (smaller than 12" (H) x 16" (W) x 5" (D)) if you plan on collecting catalogs. Rolling bags are easier to navigate and shoulder bags will weigh you down and hurt after a while. Here is one that is highly recommended - http://amzn.to/2zJcTIs

  • All necessary paperwork: America's Mart credentials, business cards, pre-filled credit sheet if you plan to buy

  • Additional wireless cellphone/tablet charger

🔆TIP: You can also ask vendors to mail you a catalog instead of taking one with you but it could take weeks for them to get to you.  

🔆TIP: If you are flying in, there is a post office in the building and you can send your catalogs home via a flat rate priority mail box so that it won't weigh you down at the airport. You can also request one be sent to you, but it might take several weeks and you may have to ask more than once, as they sometimes forget to send them.

🔆TIP: During the trade show comfortable shoes you can easily walk in all day are best. Although there is no dress code, We find that dressing a bit more professional is helpful to represent yourself and your company. We would skip the yoga pants and hoodies but no need for heels and skirts. It is really up to you, we've seen it all from sneakers to boots to suits and ties. Be comfortable and approachable.

To join the waiting list for our 2020 workshops visit: www.mommyincome.com/workshop

In the meantime, take some of these ideas and put them to work for you as you grow your Amazon business! 



PS - To learn more about our secret to selling success click: WHOLESALE BUNDLES 

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