Transition your Amazon Business in 2019 - How to Get to the Next Level of Selling on Amazon

The new year is a perfect time to make changes in your e-seller business. Now that Q4 is coming to an end you can begin to shift your focus on what to do to improve your Amazon business in 2019 and sell more products. Whether you are doing RA ( Retail Arbitrage ) or WB ( Wholesale Bundles ) there are always improvements you can make to take your business to the next level of success. THIS is your year! Let’s do this together!

The biggest sales days of the year are still to come, but once the dates between December 10th and December 21st are gone, many Amazon sellers will be considering what to do in 2019. As we move into the new year, we should reflect on the past twelve months and think about the next. Now is the time to make business pivots and adjustments and introduce new products and wholesale bundles. 

If you don’t know how to start bundling whole sale products together to sell on Amazon we want to teach you how! We teach a lot of different strategies for searching wholesale bundles and creating your own unique bundles. Learn the A to Z of Amazon wholesale bundling through Mommy Income’s Wholesale Bundle System. Visit for more information.

In this episode, we share the details of the various transitions we have made to get to the next level and sell more product. We encourage you to revisit why you started your Amazon business, explain how to transition your business from retail arbitrage to wholesale bundles, and highlight the valuable tools and resources that will help you find even greater success. We also share how you can use your top ten sellers to make new bundles and reveal why it is crucial to raise your Average Selling Price.

“Don’t get stuck in the ways you do things; nothing great happens in your comfort zone.” - Amy Feierman

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Why revisiting why you started your Amazon business is crucial for your motivation.
  • How and why you should consider moving from retail arbitrage to Amazon bundles.
  • Reflecting on budget changes and criteria changes so that you can transition your business into something that will work for you now.
  • Why it is crucial to take note of the products that did well for you last month, do your research, and pay attention to your numbers.
  • How to use your top ten sellers to create bundles.
  • Why you should raise your Average Selling Price to tackle Amazon fees and make more profit.
  • How to make a plan and get started with wholesale and the essentials of what you need to factor in and consider.
  • The opportunities and inspiration that local and national tradeshows present.
  • What you need to be careful about when buying from Alibaba and the importance of requesting samples.
  • How to try wholesale bundles in 2019, do your research, and why it is essential to put the right amount of time into creating your first bundle.
  • How to use Value Add items in wholesale bundles to add value to your bundles through the eye of the consumer.
  • The tools and resources that you need to help you transition your business in 2019.

Mommy Income Question of the Week #QOTW:

  • Is there a top list of things to do or things to look for when researching products?




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