Top 3 Apps for Black Friday Resellers

If you plan to capitalize on the “Black Friday Shopping Season”, meaning all major deals leading up to and including Black Friday and Cyber Monday you will want to download a few new apps to help you. 

Here are the top apps we use as resellers to make big money during the holidays:

Black Friday Ads 2019
This is the best Black Friday app, hands down. Although there are many features with this free app, the access to all leaked ads in one spot is the best. PLUS you can search for deals by category with is among my favorite features. The comparative wish list is helpful because when you add something to the list it will notify you who has the best deal on that product. [ Android | Apple ]
Why this helps resellers: It saves time by cutting your planning and organizing time in half. A few years back we were still combing through the real newspaper on Thanksgiving day deciding which stores to go to at 5 am the next morning. Things have changed drastically and using apps is now the easiest way to organize and plan for your Black Friday shopping experience.

Use this app to get up-to-date news about the best deals at all popular black Friday stores. You can also use the barcode scanner to pull up prices on a particular product from multiple retailers. You can to a wish list and the app will watch for low prices for you. [ Android | Apple ]
Why this helps resellers: Start tracking early and when Black Friday sales start your app will notify you of the best prices without the need to comb through ads to find them yourself. 

Price Tracker for Amazon
Staying competitive on price is essential for resellers. Price Tracker for Amazon helps with tracking the prices of your items and alerting you when they drop with instant notifications. Notifications for this Amazon price tracker can either can be set to generate whenever lower prices are detected, or when prices drop to or below a specified price. 
Why this helps resellers: Track any ASIN that is highly competitive so you can stay on top of your prices. This happens multiple times a day during the Black Friday shopping season and you’ll want to stay competitive to make the most profit.  

Making huge profits during these last few weeks of November is so exciting but it is dependent on your preparation. Do you know exactly what to do to capitalize on this season of sales and deals? 

We’ve got you covered with The Reseller's Guide to Black Friday Masterclass and Book. 

In this fully updated 2020 version of the book and masterclass we cover :

  • When and where to shop to find the best deals
  • Pre-Black Friday research  strategies OA + RA
  • How to hire a Black Friday Shopping Team
  • Strategies to make the most money by stacking deals 
  •  How to stay out of the stores and still profit.
  • Q & A Session following the Class

PLUS you get these bonuses:

    • Black Friday Shopping Checklist

 This info will position you for the best possible experience with Black Friday. You’ll be organized and ready to hit the ground (or the laptop) running and be back in time for Thanksgiving leftovers!

🛍 Happy Shopping!

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