AF157 - Make MORE Money with Wholesale [Amazon Listing Revitalizer w/Todd Welch]

Have you ever come across a product on Amazon that would have sold so much if it weren’t so terribly listed? Those listings are actually potential gold mines, according to e-Commerce Specialist Todd Welch. Todd is the CEO of Welch Products, creator of Entrepreneur Adventure, and host of the Amazon Wholesale Podcast. Todd - whom I call the Listing Whisperer - and his “Mine and Refine” method can help you scale your profit by locating bad Amazon listings, taking control of them, and revitalizing them to your advantage.

Todd joins me today to share the process involved in his Mine and Refine method. He shares his experience in e-Commerce and explains how he got started with his Amazon business. He discusses how and why he changed his business model from retail arbitrage to wholesaling and describes how he kept going despite his challenging experiences with Amazon. He discusses the software he uses in his Mine and Refine method and the filters he uses to search for potential listings to revitalize. He also reveals the steps you can take to improve your sales and return on investment once you locate an Amazon listing to improve.

“Mine and refine. Listings with no recent sales but have four or five-star reviews are gold.” - Todd Welch

This week on the Amazon Files:

    • How Todd got started in Ecommerce and how he began selling on eBay and Amazon
    • What kept Todd growing his Amazon business despite beings thousands of dollars in debt
    • Todd’s private label failures and why he pivoted from doing retail arbitrage to selling wholesale on Amazon
    • The benefits of selling wholesale on Amazon
    • The “Mine and Refine” method for revitalizing listings and finding gold on Amazon
    • Common issues with wholesaling on Amazon
    • What makes a terrible product listing
    • The software programs Todd uses to search bad listings
    • Why Todd prioritizes filtering with reviews when looking for listings to refine
    • The next steps to take to double your Amazon sales after finding a bad listing
    • Amazon’s new requirements for changing listings and how to work around them
    • Things to update to make a bad listing sell more
    • Why you need to fill up a listing’s subject matter area with keywords
    • Working with listings to increase sales on product variations that don’t sell 





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