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Where and how you look for product opportunities can make or break your business. Doing what everyone else is doing doesn’t get it done. THIS is key to success for any product-based e-commerce business.




I wanted to clear the air again about some changes that we are making here at Mommy Income. Exciting, fun, amazing changes, but changes nonetheless. Not everybody loves change.  

After eight years and three months, we are closing our free Facebook group. We are opening a new group, a wholesale bundle student-only group. You should have received an email to the address in which you purchased the course letting you know to join the new group.

There are some main reasons. I am going, to be honest, and upfront with you. 

Proprietary information is being shared. 

Many of you have spent time, energy, and money buying wholesale bundle system and implementing their amazing research tactics to build amazing, profitable bundles. A lot of people are stealing your information and my information and putting them in other places and giving away proprietary information. You guys have paid good money, invested in yourselves and in your business to create wholesale bundles, and set yourself apart from all of the competition out there. Your hard work should not be stolen or recreated.

Another reason that comes to my attention. There are some wolves in our fold and they are constantly sending DMs and PMs to people and asking them to work with them, or their agencies. And I just do not want that for you guys. I do not want you to come into my group and feel like you are being solicited by people that I do not know are even soliciting you. This is the trouble with some of this stuff, that different people will join, have agencies or they have something to sell you and they are trying to work with you. They say they are VAs, but they are not. They do not listen. If someone has reached out to you on my behalf and it is not Maureen or myself, you know who the admins are here in Mommy Income. If it is not one of those three people, then it is not from us. So please understand that.

I am still encouraging learning from group, peer learning or person to person learning. A person is not your peer if he/she do not have the wholesale bundle system.

The Wholesale Bundle System is my system that I created and brought to the marketplace to fill a need and solve a problem for myself. I was receiving too much competition on Amazon. I could not make the margins with straight up, and wholesale retail arbitrage was running me into the ground. So I created Wholesale Bundle System as a solution to all three of those problems. And just because someone knows how to do bundles does not qualify them as an expert. 

I got 20 years of e-commerce experience. I am still selling on e-commerce today. I am not blowing smoke up. 

As students, you worked really hard to learn the process, dove into the framework, and figured out bundles via my system. And I applaud you for that. I reward you for that. I am invested in you. There is a place for you to come and talk wholesale bundles and ask your questions and get legitimate expertise from me and several other experts. I would never lead people in the black hat wrong direction. Moreover, I would not go to stand by people who are doing that. I am protecting you from wolves. There are wolves. There are people that do not care if they rip you off. There are people that will take all of your money and run straight to the bank with it and not care. And that is not me.

You are all welcome to join the Wholesale Bundle Students Facebook group. And if you become a student or are already a student, check your inbox, you will get an invitation there. And that is for students only.  

We are not leaving. Number one, you are listening to the Amazon Files podcast. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel. You can follow us on Instagram and on our Facebook page.

My new priority for 2023 is really just diving deep with my students. My students, the students of the wholesale bundle system, the students who have invested in themselves and invested in the business, and they are looking to grow and change and become successful wholesale, bundlers, and successful on Amazon. I am here for you and it is for your protection that we are doing this so you can become a student. And this is your personal invitation right now, if you are not a student of the wholesale bundle system, it's time to get off the fence. 

In 2022, I spent seven months creating the brand new wholesale bundle system. It is fully up to date for 2023. It is over 50 hours of video. That is more than a college class credit for credit hours. This qualifies for a college course. That is how much material is in here. What people do not realize is what I am teaching you has the potential to earn you millions of dollars. I am an example. 

Just like my students, you can sell your first bundle for two weeks on Amazon, too, with zero PPC organic traffic. People are saying you cannot do it with PPC anymore. Here at Mommy Income with wholesale bundle system, we are doing and crushing it. But most people are not seeing that because we are too busy working on our businesses. We are not here for the Facebook comments. We are not here to do all that. We are here to build businesses and make a profit. And that is what we are doing in the wholesale bundle system. And unapologetically, we love you all, but we are here for our students. I would love to serve everyone and teach everyone and do every one, but I cannot do it all. I only have 168 hours in my week and most of them are dedicated to wholesale bundle students who have the desire to grow their businesses. This is not a get-rich-quick - gets you to be a wholesale bundle system. Our special offer is to use the code FACEBOOK because we are closing the Facebook group. Facebook is your coupon code. This is the last time you will receive this coupon code at the end of January. It goes away.  

Come, be a student of the wholesale bundle system. Make sure that you are on our email list. We have a newsletter we send out every single Monday via email. That is where you give all the information. That is where you learn about workshops, that is where you learn about what we are doing here, at Mommy Income, and how you can benefit from it because there are benefits. You have been in this game for a long time and I am still here for you.  

I would love to see you in the new Facebook group as a student where we can talk openly about what we are doing and how we are creating bundles, and how we are creating products. 

We are going to talk about finding products and product opportunities because they are everywhere. Where in the world do you find products right now? Where do you find them? Where are you finding your inventory that you are selling on Amazon? Where are you finding the pieces of the bundles that you are putting together? How are you creating these?  

When I start looking for products to sell or products to bundle, I am not starting with Helium 10, not starting with Jungle Scout, not starting with Alibaba. I am not starting with a bestseller list of all. Look at all these amazing products that are selling in the top 1%. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. I'm not even starting with merchant words. Most people skip step one. Step one is your knowledge bank.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down the ideas and tag them. Go to a quiet place. Give yourself space for this. We are going to use our brains. We are going to use our creativity.

Or get a catalog and then start writing down the ideas. What do you see on the pages? What are they selling? What can you buy? What do you have? Accessibility, what do you have access to? Whatever catalog. Even if you only have one. I can build a year's worth of bundles and one catalog. 

I am in this Goldman Sachs program. 10,000 small businesses program that I was just accepted to and it is just off the chain. Phenomenal program. And one of the little exercises or one of the homework pieces that they had us do this past week was to play an imagination game with a child. We all know that left-brained people who are very analytical, number-driven, and logical struggle with creativity. You have to get a creative partner. I do not mean partners like they are going to 50/50 and take off your business.  

Amazon product opportunities are everywhere. This is what you need to do. Solve a problem or meet a need. That is what you need to do with your product. Bundles have a customer avatar. This is why the framework starts with your knowledge bank. Why? Because if you do not have children, why would you sell children's products? How do you understand children? How do you understand what their wants, needs, and desires are? Well, how do you understand the parents and what they need and what they are trying to provide for their children? This is not wrong or bad. I am not shaming you for not having children. I am simply saying do not start with what you have no idea about. Think of something that you could sell to 50 people per month. And that is where you use your tools like Merchant WordsHelium10, or Jungle Scout, like all these different keyword data software that I love.

Be inspired. Get inspired by something that sparks your excitement. You are an individual running your individual business. You can sell any products that you want to, so do not just settle for, “I just wanna make money”. Do not just settle for, “Oh, well the data and Helium 10 say these are the top 10 best sellers”, so I'm going to go recreate these products and hope for the best. That is not how we do research or research that actually works. 

Ask yourself what is it that you really want and what are the steps to get there. If you do not have Dream Big Step Small in Chapter Three, in a Perfect World will change your life because it is your world. 



“This is entrepreneurship, this is business ownership. We get real here. It's not just a little fluffy something you're doing on the side. This is legit. There's ups and downs and way downs and way ups and home runs and breakthroughs and heartbreaks. But we're in the rollercoaster together.” - Kristin Ostrander




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Keep on bundling…


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