What Confident Wholesale Bundlers Are Raving About!

If you ask me...ONE of the BIGGEST perks in being an Amazon business owner is the FREEDOM to work from anywhere, anytime around the globe. 

Traveling the world with your loved one while working? Now… that’s the dream, right? 

But how… how do you take your Amazon journey on the road without having to…

❌Spend hours upon hours doing product research, draining all the fun from being a business owner and your travel plan. And worst being stuck right where you first started. 

❌ Fight price wars that tank your product prices - throwing all of your hard work, effort, and time down the drain - hurting your bottom line.

❌Feel stressed out and overwhelmed with the impossible task of product selection and creating an Amazon listing.

❌ Worry about the lack of product sources and finding different wholesale vendors that are willing and able to work with you.

❌ Sacrifice what’s most important to you - Family, friends, and faith!

That’s a great question! And I have a very simple answer…


But don’t take my word for it...look at what past students have said about the workshop.

Not convinced yet? I get it. There are so many that want to attend, but for some reason, they are still on the fence on whether to make the investment. 

But what if by attending you could…

✔️ Work less than 10 hours per week on your business. Meaning you have the rest of the week off - 158 hours to spend with family and friends, go on that long extended vacation to Hawaii and explore the islands, or get to that buck list that’s been sitting on the backburner.

✔️ Finally, bundle and scale with confidence! Tackle product research, listing, and wholesalers. No more overthinking whether this product is a good sale. No more second-guessing on what to say to attract wholesalers. Or throwing endless hours doing product research to only start right back to step one.

✔️ Have a thriving, sustainable Amazon business you’ve been dreaming of that supports the life you desire. 

Here are some amazing, life-changing statements straight from past students who attended the Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop and why they recommend you attend the workshop too.

The Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop is your one-stop shop for it all. It’s a 3-day event where I help you fast track your way to business and personal freedom. 

We’ll start with a meet and greet, so you get to know your fellow Amazonians well. Then off to the real fun - ONE whole day of wholesale bundling - from start to finish. By the end of day 2, you’ll be able to...

✔️Save oh so much time by cutting your research hours by more than half. 

✔️Position yourself for sustainable long-term success on Amazon. 

✔️Confidently build bundles your customers rave about. 

✔️Eliminate competition and price wars. 

✔️Own the buy box and exponentially increase your revenue. 

On day THREE, I’ll walk you through the tradeshow. You’ll learn how to spot unique products to fill your inventory, build a great network of wholesale vendors that want to jump at a chance to work with you, and have fun while doing it all. 

So wait no more...make the BEST investment in yourself and your business today so you can live out the life you desire with the business that supports the most important thing - YOU!

Many of my students have already taken the leap and have reached massive success...so are you in? 

“Whatever you choose to do take small steps, be consistent and you’ll find the success you are looking for.” - Kristin Ostrander

 Register today for the Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop!

I only have 24 seats available per workshop, so if you want to become a confident bundle creator, now is the time to register! Why only 24 seats? Because I plan a very, small intimate setting, so you get the MOST out of your in-person training with me.  

Don't wait to register! I want to help you take your business to the next level so you can experience personal and business freedom today.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you have decided to join me at the Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop, post your excitement on my free private Facebook group - the Amazon Files and tag me so I can celebrate with you. 

If you haven’t joined yet, no problem - head to www.mommyincome.com/joinus, request access with code word: #workshop.

That’s all for now, friend. I’m Kristin. See you inside!

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