Wholesale Bundle System™ + Step by Step Framework

Are you spending hours a day, multiple days a week, driving from store to store racking up mileage, scanning shelves at Target, Kohls, Walmart, Meijer, Wegmans, etc. with a scanfob and smartphone, burning through backup phone batteries, trying to find products that are already selling on Amazon for a profit? Frustrated?

We’ve lived in your shoes!

This pavement pounding rat race took us away from our families and we were on the verge of burning ourselves out. It wasn’t long before the realization hit that running around from store to store wasn’t going to work forever.

You need a better way to build a strong sustainable business just like we did. 

Imagine waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee sitting down to browse through a wholesale product catalog from the comfort of your own home in your pjs. After a few hours of step by step research you shoot off a quick email to your vendor with your purchase order. All before it’s time for lunch.  

Too good to be true? Nope!

Since developing and implementing our Wholesale Bundle strategy, we have experienced 10x growth in our Amazon business over the past 4 years. We’re not struggling to find profitable products to sell and are spending less time sourcing and more time focused on growing our business.

This is our new reality and it can be yours

It’s time for a change.

No more…

  • struggling to find profitable, low competition products to sell
  • spending hours away from family trying to find enough product to feed the beast
  • scraping stickers off of retail packaging
  • navigating inauthentic and counterfeit claims

Are you ready to evolve your business to something less demanding and more profitable?

In our Wholesale Bundles System, we provide the step by step process that we use EVERY TIME we create a new bundle. This process provides us with profitable evergreen bundles that can be sold over and over again by submitting purchase orders to our vendors. 

We now have more profitable bundle sourcing opportunities than we have money to invest in. 

No stores, no hauling, no sticker scraping. 

The Wholesale Bundle Framework™ is the 12 step process we developed to make product research faster and easier. In fact, our Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop attendees have been able to use the process to create profitable bundles in just a few hours right before our eyes. 

Now it’s your turn. 

Are you fed up with the retail arbitrage rat race? Are you done with driving around from store to store to gather a few carts of inventory? Then the Wholesale Bundle System is for you

We’re ready to show you how you can access repeatable profits by implementing the Wholesale Bundle System in your Amazon business. 

-Kristin & Amy


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