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amazon success stories Sep 07, 2020

Sometimes, people get this impression that coaches, business leaders, and mentors are impervious to mistakes and always have it together. So, let me be a bit vulnerable here. From worrying about the future of Amazon due to Antitrust Laws to doubting the performance of my Amazon business because of the global pandemic, I struggle too, just like you. Still, I pick myself up and dust myself off. And whether you’re new to selling online or are an e-commerce veteran, if you are struggling, I encourage you to join me and keep pressing on.

In this episode, I dispel the myth that business leaders don’t struggle and share some of the fears and challenges I face as an Amazon business owner and educator. I share some of the lessons I have learned over the years and discuss how we can face the biggest stumbling blocks in our lives. I also explain why you need to think about what you desire in life, the reason regret can be worse than failure, and underscore the importance of taking small, consistent steps.

"Staying focused is a choice. Defeat is optional." - Kristin Ostrander 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • The difficulty of admitting struggle, challenges, and fears
  • My worries about the future of Amazon and the Antitrust Laws
  • The lessons I have learned throughout my life and while running my Amazon business
  • How privilege begets responsibility and why all kinds of struggles are valid
  • The inevitability of challenges in life and how not to be defeated by them
  • Finding solutions to the hurdles that hold you back
  • A recent challenge I've had to face and how I resolved it
  • The value of writing your 'In a Perfect World' scenario
  • The power of taking small, consistent steps towards your ultimate goals in life


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