SUCCESS STORY: She grew sales by 200% with THIS Strategy

workshops Oct 08, 2020

I met Michelle Maple for the first time at the Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop in January of 2019. At the time, Michelle had been selling on Amazon for 4 months. Like many others, she began with retail arbitrage. “It was fun, exciting and addicting, especially during the holidays”, Michelle revealed, but she also admitted, “I was exhausted mentally and physically.  I knew this wasn’t going to work long term and that I had to learn the wholesale bundle system.
This is what led her to the Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop™.

“I purchased and completed the Wholesale Bundles course and began my journey into bundles.  I found some success and some failures and I was driven to learn more and get it right.  I decided to attend the workshop in Atlanta for more personal coaching and development."

Fast forward to October 2019 

Michelle took what she learned about bundle creation during the workshop and ran with it.

While finishing out 2018 with over $25,000 in sales is awesome, Michelle SURPASSED her goal of $100,000 in sales for 2019. That is over FOUR TIMES growth in 10 months.

Here is the rest of Michelle’s Story:

What did you learn during that workshop that changed your business? 

“I learned to make successful bundles as opposed to cute ones!  I learned the research process from beginning to end in order to create bundles THAT SELL.”

How has the Wholesale Bundles System™ changed your business? 

“This business model allows me to bring products to the Amazon marketplace without worry and concern for direct competition.”

What percentage of your business is now wholesale bundles? 

“I would estimate 80% of my business is now bundles.  We have continued to do a small percentage of RA by choice, we really enjoy that aspect of it but it isn't how we want to run our entire business. It's just a bit of extra fun.”  

This is one of many success stories we hear when our students learn the wholesale bundles strategy. The Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop™ is the fastest way to get the training you need to fully grasp the bundle creation process. 

Fast forward one year from now. 

What do you want your success story to look like?

What will it take to get YOU to the place you long to be in your business?

Attending the workshop is exactly what Michelle needed to fast track her Amazon success with bundles. It can do the same for you.

This is your chance to move in a direction that produces the results you want to see. 

Virtual workshop seats are selling fast and EARLY BIRD pricing ends October 16th

Let’s work to catapult your business to a more profitable level. 

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Waiting to meet you,

PS - Check out this video clip of Michelle from 2019 at the Atlanta workshop!


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