Top Online Keyword Research Tool That Integrates with Amazon

tools Dec 10, 2018

Every business requires tools. Some are absolutely necessary to make your business work and others are fun extras that will help you operate more efficiently. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or have been at it for  some time, there are always tools, apps, programs and tech gear to enhance your business. Here is one of our favorite tools for starting and growing an Amazon business.
Not sure what keywords to include in your product listing to make sure it's found by buyers? Want to know what words buyers are searching for in different categories? Merchant Words is by far our favorite keyword research tool. Why? It is simple, easy to understand and affordable at any level.

Merchant Words is an online keyword research tool that fully integrates with Amazon to reveal the top searched keywords for your phrase or category. Just type in a search term and Merchant Words will bring up the data you need to define the most popular keywords you need to build profitable listings. With Merchant Words you can find all the possible search phrases used to find your products.

If you create wholesale bundles, bring new products to the Amazon marketplace or private label your own products Merchant Words will provide you with real data directly from Amazon so that you can find and use the best keywords for your listings. We ALWAYS consult Merchant Words when creating new listings on Amazon. 

MerchantWords US Amazon keywords are normally priced at $30 a month but with this special offer you will only pay $9 a month! This is a huge discount! There's no risk and you can cancel any time. 

Click HERE to access a Mommy Income only special offer!

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