Keyword Best Practices with My Amazon Guy Steven Pope

To beat your competition, you’ve got to work smart. And part of working smarter is using the tools at your disposal to their greatest advantage. In running your Amazon business, using keywords to their maximum potential can help you rank and index your products and, ultimately, scale your business. Steven Pope is the Founder of My Amazon Guy, an 18-person Amazon Seller Central agency, through which he helps his clients grow and scale their Ecommerce businesses through PPC, SEO, Design, and Catalog Management. Steven - who sold his first item on eBay at age 12 - truly understands the power of utilizing keywords to increase the visibility of his products on Amazon. 

Steven joins me today to discuss how you can rank your items on Amazon using keyword best practices. He highlights why you need to look at your competitors when creating keywords and reveals his favorite keyword research tool. He shares best practices on working with keyword search, title creation, and the A+ and description sections on Amazon. He also explains why you should add misspellings and Spanish translations, as well as discuss why it’s crucial to update your keyword listings on Amazon.

“Capitalize the first phrase, massage in the keywords, and make sure the features are mentioned. If you do that, you’ll get some indexing love from Amazon.” - Steven Pope

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • How Steven transitioned from his career as a tv reporter to being My Amazon Guy
  • What My Amazon Guy is and the services they provide
  • The importance of creating the right keywords and listings on Amazon
  • Why you should start looking up your competition when creating listings
  • Strategies, best practices, and language use for the ‘intended use’ section
  • Using competitor brands and trademarked phrases on search term fields, listings, and description sections
  • How to create the best titles that will optimize your listings
  • Categories affected by Amazon’s title character limit
  • The best and worst categories to sell on Amazon and the value of getting insurance for your Amazon business
  • Transferring your Amazon listings to Wayfair and other Ecommerce platforms
  • The role of creating brands and trademarks when scaling on Amazon
  • Working with the A+ and description sections and why you should add misspellings and Spanish translations on them
  • Why you need to update your keyword listings every 3 to 6 months on Amazon
  • Utilizing Helium 10 to track your keyword use



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