Is Retail Arbitrage Putting Your Amazon Account at Risk?

retail arbitrage Nov 10, 2019

Like any other business environment, Amazon is a constantly evolving marketplace.

At one time, Amazon sellers had a ‘Midas’ touch’ and could put anything up for sale. But today, Amazon puts rules and policies in place that restrict some products and brands from being sold. To top it off, Amazon sometimes shoot their regulatory changes first before they give a warning—if they do at all!

These constant changes mean that online business strategies that work today may not work within the next six months. It also means that although your Amazon seller account is safe from suspension right now, it may be at high-risk tomorrow. But that does not mean you have to run around in fear.

In today’s episode, we discuss what selling on Amazon looked like before, how it evolved, and the factors that drive Amazon’s policies and restrictions. We reveal tips on how to be more vigilant about policy changes and how to keep your Amazon seller account secure. We discuss what many people consider as ‘grey areas’ on Amazon’s rules and regulations as well as tips on identifying high-risk items. We also break down retail arbitrage—the good, the bad—and its alternatives.

“Amazon has house rules. You have to follow their rules and protect yourself. Excuses and ignorance don’t fly with Amazon.” – Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

    • The evolution of selling on Amazon
    • Why Amazon developed restrictions and policies
    • How being adaptive to change brings success to Amazon businesses
    • Tips on managing your Amazon seller account risk
    • Identifying low-risk and high-risk Amazon items
    • How retail arbitrage can affect your Amazon seller account’s security
    • A secure alternative to retail arbitrage sourcing on Amazon
    • A better way to earn income on Amazon



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