AF187 - Secrets of Inventory Lab with Jeff Campbell

guest experts Mar 29, 2021

Selling on Amazon isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Every Amazon seller has definitely wanted to pull out their hair at some point. Luckily, there’s one of my favorite tools in the world: InventoryLab. It lifts so much of the stress and helps us focus on growing our Amazon business. And while Amazon’s seller support can be a nightmare, InventoryLab’s customer service is the total opposite. InventoryLab listens to its customers so much that, in fact, most of the software’s updates come from the customers, says Jeff Campbell, who acts as the Customer Engagement Coordinator at Inventory Lab.

And I know that’s true: I’ve made suggestions myself that turned into features in the program.

Jeff joins me today to share the hidden gems that make InventoryLab such a great software and service for Amazon businesses. He discusses how InventoryLab helps Amazon sellers focus on the profit-making tasks of their online businesses. He shares some exciting updates from the InventoryLab team and explains why they try to keep the software at a reasonable price. He also reveals the software’s biggest strength and underscores how the program’s most underused feature can help Amazon sellers grow their business.

“InventoryLab listens to customers and takes user suggestions seriously. We listen to everything customers say and take it to the developers directly.” - Jeff Campbell 


This week on the Amazon Files:

  • A few of my favorite things about InventoryLab
  • Jeff’s background and how he became part of the InventoryLab team
  • Why InventoryLab was created
  • The biggest strength of InventoryLab
  • The most underutilized InventoryLab tool
  • Why the prep centers we use require Amazon sellers to have InventoryLab
  • The power of InventoryLab’s “Profitability-by-Supplier” report
  • Printing headaches and other sticking points people have with InventoryLab
  • Jeff’s recommended printers for InventoryLab
  • InventoryLab’s “Unlist Inventory” page and how it can help you manage selling on other marketplaces on top of Amazon
  • One of the most frustrating things for wholesale bundlers
  • Why my accountant approves of me using InventoryLab

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