Go Global: Adding International sales to your Amazon Business

Kevin Sanderson was once working in the corporate world. After realizing that he was working hard for somebody else’s dream, Kevin decided to work hard for himself, so he created his ecommerce business and focused on Amazon. Today, most of the sales in his Amazon business comes from nine different countries, including the US and it has been his mission to help people achieve similar results. Through his Expand to Canada Course and Maximizing Ecommerce Podcast, Kevin shares his wisdom with online business owners to help them grow their Amazon businesses internationally.

Kevin joins me today to share his strategies on expanding your Amazon business internationally. He explains why he recommends expanding to Canada first and describes the difficulties and challenges he faced in entering markets in other countries. He discusses the benefits of opening an Amazon.CA account and illustrates the potential problems that can occur when doing Amazon Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) in Canada. He also shares how selling internationally has benefited him and his business, especially during a pandemic where nonessential items were restricted in the U.S. 

“Every country reacted differently to the pandemic. If I weren’t selling internationally, I wouldn’t be getting these extra sales in Canadian dollars or Euros while my U.S. sales were down.” - Kevin Sanderson

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Why Kevin started selling in Canada first when he expanded his Ecommerce business
  • The strategies Kevin came up with when he expanded his Amazon business internationally
  • The difference between merchant fulfilling from the US to Canada versus opening an Amazon.ca store
  • How expanding his Amazon business internationally helped Kevin earn more income consistently amid the coronavirus pandemic
  • Why expanding their online business into other countries scares some people
  • The biggest challenges Kevin had to overcome when he started expanding his Amazon business in Canada
  • The reason Kevin recommends starting in the UK when expanding your Amazon business into Europe
  • What product listing and research looks like when selling in other countries
  • How you can benefit from Kevin’s Expand to Canada course and done-for-you services 



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