How to Streamline Your Amazon Business and Why It's Important

amazon files tools Jul 25, 2017

Air Date: July 24, 2017


We all have different reason's for building an Amazon business. The reason we hear most often is to realize the freedom and flexibility that comes with a lifestyle business. In this week's show, we're going to share some of the strategies that we've implemented to simplify our businesses so we can focus our time and energy on what is important to us in our lives. We're going to show you how to work smarter, not harder.

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Our #1 Top Tool is Inventory Lab

Jungle Scout has helped us dig deeper into our niches

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If you sell on Amazon, the following two FREE tools are a must have in your arsenal:

Not sure how to read the Keepa and CCC charts? Our friend Stephen Smotherman over at Full-Time FBA has an entire course dedicated to it. You can find it at: How to Keepa Camel -

Kim Coghlan Interview:

Keep yourself focused and accomplishing more

In need of a prep center that can take prepping youru products off of your plate? Limited availability:

Kristin’s Workflow:
How to use Evernote:

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