It's Time to Move On from Amazon FBA

success stories Apr 09, 2020

We’ve got some breaking news coming to you from inside Mommy Income: Amy has decided to retire from her Amazon business. Amy is starting a new chapter in her life to share her genius with the world through a new venture. 

In this special episode of the Amazon Files, we discuss how and why Amy decided to retire from selling on Amazon. She shares what’s next for her in her business career and why this new venture rekindles the spark of excitement she felt she lost. She also underscores the value of stepping back to evaluate your goals and the things that light a fire for you in your business. She also explains the importance of taking a leap of faith and trying something new when you’ve lost the joy and excitement for your Amazon business. 

“Just because you’re moving on doesn’t mean it erases everything that you’ve done.” - Amy Feierman


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