Ebay or Amazon? Which is Better for Making Money Online?

amazon files ebay May 06, 2019

When it comes to selling online there are no shortages of platforms to use. Should you use them all, some or just one? You can make money with them all but which one is the best for YOU? We are going to discuss the difference between selling on ebay and Amazon and  what we have found as the pros and cons to both. 



Our experiences with Ebay


  • Sell anything in any condition
  • Control over pictures, listings, descriptions, price shipping
  • Used, new custom, vintage
  • Easy to source products for this platform (used items are abundant)
  • Inexpensive to start...you can start in your house


  • Individual product listings
  • Storage of inventory
  • Photo, descriptions for each individual item
  • Shipping each item
  • Customer base expects a bargain
  • Sales price is often lower
  • No automation
  • Physical inventory based business
  • Scalability is limited by time and space (for one off items, vintage, used ect)
  • Dealing with customers, no-paying bidders and refunds
  • Payment processing system




  • New, some used and Custom products
  • Access to billions of shoppers daily (no traffic driving necessary)
  • Ability to store and ship items via fulfillment centers
  • Scalable
  • Hands-off business model
  • Branding options
  • Two-day shipping for customers
  • Customer service provided
  • Payment processing provided



  • Higher fees (due to all the services provided)
  • Problems with seller customer support
  • Competition level
  • Restricted brand, categories and products
  • IP and IA claims
  • Suspension issues
  • Storage and shipment costs
  • Finding high quality products to sell takes longer


Why we use both and for what reasons


  • More money faster
  • Less time consuming
  • Hands-off model
  • Easy of listing process
  • More high quality customers
  • All the other “pros” listed


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