Amazon FBA Sellers Success Stories: Mommy Income Celebrates 5 years

You may think that building your own seven-figure business is impossible.

Maybe you don’t feel ready to take the first steps and have been delaying starting your new venture. Perhaps you believe the market is over-saturated with Amazon sellers and you won’t be able to truly make a full-time living from this endeavor. These feelings shouldn’t stand in your way, and while a successful business venture requires hard work and perseverance, there is room for you. It is possible for anyone to build a thriving Amazon business.

Today, we celebrate our 5-year anniversary at Mommy Income by sharing our Amazon FBA success stories and why we started our e-commerce businesses. We share how we transformed them into long-term, sustainable Amazon businesses. and the value of having someone to share and bounce ideas off of. We discuss why you need to take those first steps to start your business now, even if you don’t feel ready. We also highlight how failures are opportunities to learn and grow as entrepreneurs and can open the door to success for yourself and your business. 

“All you have to do is start something. You don't have to have all your stuff together, and you don't have to know everything. Just put it out there and see what happens.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • How Kristin's journey began and why she built an Amazon business.
  • Creating a sustainable long-term Amazon business.
  • The birth of the Mommy Income podcast.
  • How technology is opening doors to new opportunities.
  • How we met, became partners, and started doing wholesale bundles.
  • Amy's journey and how she turned something she enjoyed into an e-commerce business.
  • The value of having someone to discuss ideas or problems with.
  • Why we want others to benefit from our Amazon wholesale bundle system.
  • Why you must take the first step now, even if you don't feel ready.
  • How failures are a step on the journey to success.



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