AF208 - The Business Bucket List with Trav Bell

I can’t tell you just how excited I am today to check an item off my bucket list as I welcome Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy himself, to the podcast. As a self-appointed ʻBucket Listologistʼ, Trav has obsessively studied the Bucket List phenomenon and blended the worldʼs best Positive Psychology principles to create his own unique Bucket List Life Philosophy. He has designed his life around his Bucket List and now he helps Bucket Listers all over the globe create and cross off theirs. In today’s episode, he explores bucket listing in general and how it can be applied to your business as well.

Trav begins by sharing how he got started in bucket listing, and then introducing his book and why he wrote it. From there he describes the different categories of items for the list, the need to get a sense of ‘hurry up’, the importance of writing your list down, and how your reticular activating system works. Trav also discusses the benefit of separating your business bucket list from your regular one, putting yourself first, creating multiple bucket lists within your family, and the bucket snowball effect. He finishes up by detailing the 5 items on his own list that he is currently working on, the importance of your ‘why’, and the benefits of practicing self-leadership. As you listen in, you will quickly discover why Trav has become one of the most sought after speakers in the world, and you will undoubtedly be inspired to take action now on your own bucket list items as well.

This week on the Amazon Files:    

  •   How Trav got started in bucket listing
  •   Trav’s My BucketList Blueprint and why he wrote it
  •   The different categories of bucket list items
  •   Kristen’s Dad
  •   Getting a sense ‘hurry up’
  •   Writing your bucket list down
  •   Your reticular activating system
  •   Separating your business bucket list from your regular one
  •   Trav’s thoughts on putting yourself first
  •   Bronnie Ware’s The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying
  •   Creating individual, couple, and family bucket lists
  •   The bucket snowball effect
  •   The 5 things on his bucket list that Trav is doing right now
  •   The importance of your ‘why’
  •   Practicing self-leadership      

“This is your permission granted. You have permission to do whatever it is that you want to do, but do it with intent, and don't keep putting it off.”

 - Kristin Ostrander




“The fact that I get to run around the world, inspire audiences, write books, speak from my heart, and hopefully help people live a regret free life rather than a regretful life is really the holy grail.”

“What it's done for me since I was 18 is, before it was a bucket list, it's always been my compass.”

“I created the My BucketList Blueprint because we live in a world of delayed gratification.”

“It's about helping people experience more meaning, more purpose, and more fulfillment, and more gratitude in their life...the pillars of positive psychology - more happiness.”

“Intention is created by actually writing stuff down.”

“I'm doing my bit to change, hopefully, the narrative and to give people real tools to be able to self-manage out of sad patches, like I was in…to live a life, you know, to wake them up, stop living by default, live by intention and desire.”

“People are dying at 40, and being buried at 80.”

“And I know you love your work and love to help people. But also that's part of being your holistic self, is being able to take care of you and have you be inspired so that you can inspire other people. And that's what I love most about being the best version of me.”

“A bucket list is a tangible life plan.”

“You're not guaranteed retirement, do it now while you're young.”

“I would rather have failure than regret.”

“We need to trust...that the universe will provide.”

“I don't call it work life balance, I call it work life blend.”

“There's a lot of people that sacrifice for other people, only to try and get back that time later on in life.”

“The reason I work is so that I can do the things that I want to do that are the most fulfilling for me, as well helping people, but then also enjoying the fruits of my labor.”

“It's about who you become in the process because you do have to challenge yourself.”

“The cumulative steps over time is how you get where you want to go.”

“So all the moms out there, or dads or parents or people caring for other people, what you're doing is teaching other people how to live your own life and live your legacy and live your dreams. And they will follow suit because they see the results of it from you.”

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