Wholesale for Amazon FBA [How To Make Wholesale More Profitable]

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As a business owner, you’re always looking to increase profits, right? There are three key factors to making more money with wholesale and they are not what you think. We are going to dive deeper into wholesale on The Amazon Files to help you boost your wholesale profits. Whether you are new to wholesale or are a seasoned vet, this show is a must watch.

******* 3 Keys to Making Wholesale More Profitable ********

#1 - Vendor Relationships

  • Meet them in person at shows
  • Pick up the phone
  • Ask if they represent any other vendors (rep groups)
  • Talk with them about best selling items, what people often buy together
  • Send POs instead of internet orders
  • ASK for catalogs, specials, closeouts

#2 - Capitalizing on Discounts

  • Terms
  • Dating
  • Pre-order
  • Post-dated orders
  • Volume discounts
  • Watch the emails and be ready to order when discounts are available

#3 - Bundles

  • With bundles you do not have to have low margins
  • ASK your rep what sells well together
  • Ask the rep about best sellers
  • Look at the catalogs, look for themes
  • Think evergreen and seasonal


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