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Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

Birthday Reflections by Kristin Ostrander

Today marks a very special day. It’s our fourth birthday!  I have a special place in my heart for birthdays. As a kid, my dad made birthdays a very big deal. It was officially “YOUR DAY” and you got to plan the entire day. From your dessert to the special birthday meal, everything was all about you. He sure knew how to make someone feel special on their birthday.

As an adult, I continue to carry on the tradition of making a big deal of birthdays. One of the ways I have done this in my adult years is to set aside some time to reflect on what has happened over the past year and what I would like to see happen in the coming year.

Mommy Income’s birthday is no exception. It is a time to reflect on all that has happened and look forward to a new year with fresh possibilities.

Looking Back to where it all began…..

As I look back I cannot believe how awesome this journey has been. When I first thought of Mommy Income back in 2009 I had no idea what it would become. It was just a phrase I used to describe to my kids how I was making money to help our family. I had a feeling and an idea. I secured a URL but with 2 kids, a husband, a baby on the way and a growing Amazon FBA business I only had time for the essentials. Mommy Income would just have to wait.

With a tragic turn of events in the span of 2 years we lost nearly everything. My husband was injured at work, we couldn’t pay the bills and we eventually lost our home to foreclosure. The only thing we had left was our family, our faith and this small yet growing Amazon FBA business. As we began picking up the pieces of our broken lives and put them back together we continued to grow and invest what little we had into Amazon. After a year we bought a new home and my husband went back to work after healing from his injury. I pressed on with Amazon.

After joining a few Facebook groups for resellers I was invited to participate in a live interview to talk about my Amazon success. I absolutely loved talking about my Amazon business and I realized the live audience loved it too. I felt a fire inside of me that I never knew was there.

A light bulb went off. I was meant to do this. For the first time since I had secured the URL I knew what I was supposed to do with this idea. THIS was Mommy Income.

The big day...

With the help of a few friends on October 20, 2014 Mommy Income was born. I started with a live show and co-host, Rob Watson, and committed to doing the show every week for a year. Fast forward a few years to me eventually flying solo for a time and then forming a beautiful partnership with my friend Amy Feierman in March of 2016.

Things have never been the same. Amy and I are such a wonderful team we felt unstoppable from day one. We both have very different skill sets that intertwine beautifully.

What you see as Mommy Income today has been a culmination of many changes, twists, and turns. Now after 4 years, over 200 episodes, 3 in-person workshops, 26 products and courses there is a LOT to celebrate.

Much love, 

Birthday Giveaway:

You have until 9pm on October 22nd 2018 on the Amazon Files Show to enter to win special birthday giveaways! Register at www.theazfiles.com.

Special thanks goes out to all of Mommy Income's tribe for making this all possible.  Cheers to 4 great years and many more ahead!


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