Amazon FBA Seller Questions Answered: Bundles Wholesale Retail Arbitrage & MORE

amazon listings Aug 03, 2020

Running an Amazon business isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s an actual business. And whether you’re running an Ecommerce business or a brick-and-mortar store, all legitimate businesses have a learning curve. You’ll definitely encounter some confusion here and there or some hurdle you don’t know how to jump over. But that’s okay! While the struggle is certainly real, so is growth and profit - and asking the right questions about overcoming challenges is part of what will lead you to success.

In this episode, I answer some of your most pressing questions about starting, running, and growing your Amazon business. I reveal how much money you need to get started on Amazon and discuss the other requirements you’ll need to meet to start your online store. I discuss bundling strategies, including vetting components and monitoring your competitors’ products. I also discuss getting the process of GTIN exemptions, brand registry, and trademarking, describe the benefits of setting up a store for your Amazon business and explain why today is the perfect time to start selling on Amazon.

“Start by not expecting money but learning the process. As soon as you’re comfortable shipping to Amazon and you know the process, then start wholesaling.”- Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Vetting components and how to identify bundle opportunities on Amazon through extensive research
  • Tracking sales, profit, and loss using Amazon Seller Central and InventoryLab
  • Starting strategies for Amazon and the minimum requirements you need to meet to start a legitimate business
  • Why wholesaling is still the best way to source inventory and how to identify a great wholesale vendor
  • Getting GTIN exemptions from your brand name and the value of getting your brand registry
  • The process of private labeling and trademarking products
  • A quick and easy way to buy GS1 barcodes legitimately
  • The best time to outsource your business and calculating how much you should pay employees
  • Tips for affordable small-run custom packaging
  • Why you don’t need big, brand-names to sell an Amazon bundle
  • Addressing the error code 5665 on Amazon
  • The benefits of setting up a website for your Amazon store
  • The risks and dangers of doing retail arbitrage on Amazon
  • Why Amazon is not oversaturated and why you shouldn’t sell on top categories
  • The biggest reason people quit or fail their Amazon business
  • My number one advice for people who are just getting started on Amazon


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